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    August 2012 POTM Contest~

    Calcium reactors are amazing growing corals!! jeje..
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    August 2012 POTM Contest~

    Everything is great and corals growing!! Short video from Sunday
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    August 2012 POTM Contest~

    BigAl hope that everything is fine with your family health. Good to see you here again.
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    August 2012 POTM Contest~

    Jeje.. good idea to turn the pumps off for a clear reflection! Anyway I like how it is. Is like color clouds over the reef!! They started as three small frags in July 2011. Now they are creating shadows over the rest of the corals in that corner.
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    August 2012 POTM Contest~

    Here is my entry.
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    May 2012 POTM voting

    I have some questions in my message box so I will share the information on an answer to BigAl07 Allen first I have to say that my experience with vinegar has been very positive. Very low phosphate and nitrate levels and an overall clean tank with no algae or cyano. My decision to use it was...
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    May 2012 POTM voting

    Lighting - 2 175w 20K Plusrite metal halides (6h) + 2 72" 160w UVL VHO's Superactinic and 454 (8h) + 1 Reefbrite 48" blue leds (10h) Salt mix - Coralife, 35g (25%) water change monthly Dosing - 2 caps weekly of Seachem Reef Plus and Reef Trace Calcium Reactor with ARMS coarse media Vinegar...
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    May 2012 POTM voting

    Thanks to all that voted for my photo. Here some photos of that coral progression. It grows very fast!! March 2011 July 2011 December 2011 May 2012 Winnig photo
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    Question of the week: May 21, 2012

    BigAl, thanks for using my photo of the Red Planet. My tank is a mix of soft, LPS and SPS. The Red Planet is my favorite of the SPS. Love the color!
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    May 2012 POTM Contest~

    Here is my Red Planet SPS for the contest.
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    March 2012 POTM Contest~

    Some of my cleaning gadgets in action!!
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    December 2011 POTM Contest

    Red and green! Looks like a Christmas tree :yup:
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    November 2011 POTM Contest

    My Blue tang eating algae from clip
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    October 2011 POTM VOTING

    Ahhhh!! Just forgot to download the photo :cry1:
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    October 2011 POTM Contest

    Here is my 125 gallon reef tank for the contest