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I have been reading a lot of "help me please" type threads recently where people seem to want miracle answers when there is very little information about the problem given.

We cannot see your tank or read minds or read between the lines very well. All we know about your tank is the information you provide for us! Without detailed information we either wont be able to help or will be guessing what could possibly be wrong. Guesses could be right, however they could also be extremely far off the mark and could be disastrous for your tank inhabitants!

In order for us to help you out you need to provide us with as much information as you possibly can. Don't be afraid that you are typing too much as the more we know about your system the better we will be able to help you out!

Here is a BASIC list of what you should provide us when asking for help:

Water parameters

System parameters
Tank size
Amount of live rock/live sand
How long the tank has been set up?

Inhabitant listing
How long were they in the tank?
Was the animal eating at the LFS?
What all do you have in the tank?

Detailed description of the problem
Shape, colour, size, texture, amount, symptoms, anything you see wrong or think is wrong,
Be as detailed in your descriptions as you possible can!

If possible add pictures!

DON'T be afraid to add more information! Even the little things can be extremely important! We would love to be able to help solve the problem or learn from it, however it is impossible for us to do this if we aren't given enough information!


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one more thing folks,,,thread title. be specific. for example, "flame angel has spots", "leather coral looks bad" as opposed to "help" many people here have a definity to answering certain thread or specialize in areas. the more descriptive the title the better chance of a faster reply.

this is in no means trying to stop you from asking questions, but this is to help you, our members get the fastest response to you, whuich is what you want. a minute of typing could mean the difference between help or people aske for the needed info and reposting,,,to quote some one famous for saying it "time is of the essence" hwelp us help you.
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