Shaun's 2000 Litre (530 USG) Living Reef & Red Sea Max S 650 LED Design & Build


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So then, connecting the two tanks together, a simple task…..

I did a test run today, just to make sure all the pipe work I’ve built fits ready for drilling final holes for the flexible pipe. The main return pump and fittings are also finished. I made them so I can connect either the Red Sea standard pump I have, or an Abyzz A200 via a union.

So in the picture below you can see the 40mm central pipe which is the main overflow. I’m 100% certain it’s 40mm pipe, because I’ve already installed a 40mm gate valve onto it and modified it for the X Filter.

So naturally I assumed the union connector was also 40mm…… you know normal basic plumbing…. but no, and neither is the 32mm pipe connected to a 32mm union to the left of it!! I assume the return is the same but I didn’t get to that!

Im guessing they’ve used non metric fittings to fit into their ‘backward’ overflow system or something else who knows, but the standard don’t fit. Both my 40mm and 32mm were to big/loose for the union joint so that’s got me completely confused!

I disconnected the main down pipe, and it then took me 2 hours before finally it stopped leaking when I tried to reconnect it.

The other thing in my mind was, in a Max S system, the overflow is all built in one piece together, so if anything went wrong, like a joint cracked or something It would be virtually impossible to get to and fix.

Anyway after several hours of saying ’words of kindness‘ to the ‘engineers’ at Red Sea, the union sealed and all is well.

So the choice is now, leave it as it is, enjoy it and stop messing around with it, or a totally new (and bigger!!) replacement system linked to the large tank. I’m probably just going to leave it running because apart from minor maintenance it’s relatively simple

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The question is, "why?". Just to convert the pipes from Metric to Imperial? I swear that there are people out there who have little interest in fish or corals. They just enjoy the engineering side of the hobby !
He was concerned the silicon would leak because of age and condition I think, but at least we know what it looks like