Reefkeeping Dangers


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Vibrio vulnificus. I have severe psoriasis (95% coverage at worst during a bad flare). Remicade clears it up after a few months, but while I'm waiting my fish tank maint can't wait. :)

Twice it landed me in the hospital with septicemia thanks to the above mentioned bacteria. The first time could have been fatal. The second time was far less toxic as I remembered the first time quite vividly.

The most ironic thing is the longer my skin is in saltwater, the better it feels and looks, which is why I suppose all those psoriasis clubs make group buys for tickets to Israel to visit the dead sea. That ocean is apparently so salty Brine shrimp couldnt live in it :)


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Got stuck by a hippo tang's fin... within a minute it felt like it was being hit repeatedly with a hammer. Took 3 weeks to heal but I can still tell something was there a year later. After this, got shoulder length nitrile gloves.


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Great post NaH2O, thanks for shared about this. Absolutely help everyone :thumber: