Potential stings and poisons in our reef tanks!!


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Nope - in this case repeated exposures can cause sensitization. This is true with many chemical substances. It's not the same as getting a flu shot, where the body builds up antibodies. There are no antibodies for poisons/toxins. In the chemical industry I worked in there were some chemicals that were found to be sensitizers - ones that with repeated exposure could end up causing severe reactions or worse - once that was known those products were removed from the product line.

Here's a nice series of videos that was put out by IceCap and Steven Pro on the dangers in our tanks. Interesting and informative.

YouTube - So you touched it now what? Part 1 of 6

YouTube - So you touched it now what? Part 2 of 6

YouTube - So you touched it now what? Part 3 of 6

YouTube - So you touched it now what? Part 4 of 6

YouTube - So you touched it now what? Part 5 of 6

YouTube - So you touched it now what? Part 6 of 6


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I really do love that series. Props to Stephen Pro for donating a shot of his own mangled hand for posterity.

New aquarists, pay very close attention to the part where he talks about how exposure to stings will make you more sensitive to them over time.

This is very true!!

Always be careful handling those LPS and invertebrates, every time you touch one and it "doesn't hurt that much" is the last time you will touch that same coral and feel so little discomfort. Don't use up your "strikes"!

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Hello friends,

Few people think of danger and saltwater aquariums at the same time. Pretty fish gliding through the water, seemingly unconcerned by our actions, are not threatening. But there are a few hazards associated with saltwater aquariums that the owner or prospective owner need to take into account. Saltwater aquariums are a combination of glass-under-pressure, electrical circuits, microorganisms and life forms that can hurt you or each other.

Fish get sick like you do, and bacteria are often the cause of it. Symptoms like odd behavior and lesions are warning signs of infection, and antibiotics may be necessary. Bacterial infections can kill fish within a week. Even more deadly to aquarium fish are the byproducts of microorganism activity in poorly maintained aquariums, in particular ammonia. Some bacterial action is necessary and beneficial, but too much decomposition of organic material can happen from overpopulation or a dirty tank. This decomposition begins to articulate high levels of ammonia, and you can look in the tank one day to find a tank full of dead fish. Keep the tank clean, and ensure you have good water circulation.

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Titanium ground probes are dirt cheap so there's really no reason not to have one. Easiest way to protect yourself and your fish from potential stray voltage.


Be careful with electrical units

A few times I've been shocked unplugging my powerheads bc I didn't dry my hands off fully after feeding

Also check for salt creep getting on your electrical wiring and outlets


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hi ....be careful with electric units and protect your fish from potential stray voltage.

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