Check this out!


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This tank is absolutely amazing!
System Profile: Main Tank: 5800 liters (1532 gallons) Main Tank Dimensions:
Connected Seahorse Tank: 475 liters (125 gallons) Length: 6 m
Fragment Tank: 575 liters (152 gallons) Sides: 165 cm
Sump: 1000 liters (264 gallons) Height: 90 cm
Total System Volume: 7850 liters (2074 gallons) Glass Thickness: 22 mm
His goal was to create a tank that resembled nature as closely as possible.
I think he did. Check out some of the pics.

And I thought this was interesting....
When necessary, the sand bed is replaced with fresh calcium carbonate. I like the sand bed to look white, not green. I've also observed that the corals' colors develop better when the sand bed, together with the detritus in it, is removed every few weeks. It is quite a task, but the result is rewarding, in my opinion.
.....this is something I would do:lol:....really I would. I'm still taking out my CC one cup at a time, so I already have already developed the habit :)


The Wand Geek was here. ;)
Sweeeet setup for sure!! He keeps his temp at 77 f.... interesting... I thought mine was low at 78-79 f...


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Stunning. It's difficult to enjoy how gorgeous the tank is without my mind doing the math around setup and maintenance costs. In this case I just have to enjoy the impossible.


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That's not tank of the month, that's best tank all-time !!!
Wow....just the amount of fish he has in that tank is amazing :bugout: :bugout: :bugout:

I've got to visit the Neatherlands to check this tank out !!!


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Wow, that is cool... Makes ya think about a bigger tank you your own...Another thought is,, How does he get all the corals where he wants? He has to go for a swim to get them in place. Really cool.