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    Srkd's RSR 450

    I've just quit using them. I was catching more pods than clearing debris.
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    Gyre or MP10

    Having used both, I prefer the gyre.
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    Clove polyps or not?

    It's blue clavularia, also known as blue snowflake polyps. Unless you want it on every free space in your tank, I'd avoid it. I've just upgraded to a new tank and wouldn't use any of my old live rock simply because I didn't want that stuff everywhere again. It would even grow on my zoa and...
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    Srkd's RSR 450

    I have 2 Gyre 150's and I've tried several configurations and have ended up with having them on the sides horizontal, facing the middle of the tank. I have them at the lowest settings and get more flow than I really need.
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    Srkd's RSR 450

    If you don't have a lot of high flow demanding corals, adjust your gyre flow down a notch or two, or try several different placements.
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    HELP! Almost lost my REFER 450!!!

    Sorry that you had this happen, but thanks for posting so all of us fellow RSR owners can keep a look out for similar issues.
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    HELP! Looking to start a SW reef tank

    Welcome to Reef Sanctuary! Great advice above.
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    Juan's 300G+ Aparment Reef Tank Chronicle

    Loved reading through your tank build. I always enjoyed your previous one as well. Glad to have you back.
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    Hi, welcome to Reef Sanctuary. Will be fun to watch your custom build come together.
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    Green Bubble Algae

    Brave one to say that, you are.
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    Whippetguy's RSR 450

    Thanks for all the nice comments! I managed to catch the hogfish and chromis to get them in their new home yesterday. Funny thing is that all the fish hang out on one side of the tank. I'm not sure they realize that they have twice the swim room now. Looking forward to getting some new coral...
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    Whippetguy's RSR 450

    As some of you already know by following my RSM 250 chronicle (, I recently purchased a Red Sea Reefer 450. I had modified my RSM 250 so much and made a few rookie mistakes with it being my first tank that I was...
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    New Here

    Welcome to Reef Sanctuary!
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    Mayja's RSR 450 Reef Adventure!

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    Greetings Reef Sanctuary Community!

    Welcome to the forum!