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  • just interested as i have been looking for an upgrade and i have had good experience withe the plug and plays. im a fan of closed hoods, no matter what lighting i ran with my last tank keeping salinity pinpoint accurate was a nightmare with an open top due to evap. Have you modified the filtration? im nt a huge fan of the biological and mechanical media in most of the RSM tanks there too efficient and make nitrates a pain. It looks amazing tho. like the rsm s series too but open top and huge price put me off. Does the tanks powerhead and pumps give good enough random flow?
    I love mine. I've modified mine a lot, but not out of necessity. They do run on the warm side with the strong T5 lighting and a closed hood. A lot of people have beautiful tanks without running a chiller. Did you have any specific questions about the tank? You will need a new heater. I've not heard anything good about the RSM stock heater, but that's a small modification.
    hi there, wunderin what you think of the rsm 250 and are ther any upgrades needed?
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