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    GlennF's reefing heaven!

    Beautiful tanks!!!
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    Help with green nudibranch ID

    Thank you so much for the ID! I own a fish store (Stormborn Reef) and was sent these by one of my wholesalers. Unlike hobbyists shopping at stores, I can't take them back and demand my money back! lol. So it sucks and I know from now on not to order "lettuce nudibranchs" from that wholesaler. I...
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    Help with green nudibranch ID

    Anyone know what species of nudibranch this is? I was supposed to get a lettuce nudibranch and they sent this instead. The cute shrimp hitching a ride is an emperor shrimp. :) Thanks in advance!
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    Full-Tank Friday!

    8 gallon No fish, just coral. 120 gallon reef
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    65 Gallon Bluespot & Clownfish Home

    Any updates? It would be so awesome if you could produce tank bred bluespots!!!
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    The Bluespot Club

    Thought I'd give an update. It's been a little over a year (1/10/14) and my bluespot is still doing good. He's very brave now. I guess the seahorses don't pose much of a threat to him. lol. I'm doing a much needed tank cleaning today and I'll have to get some new pictures taken of him.
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    ID needed

    Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like it's on a maricultured plug. Sometimes those have threads sticking out of them and when the ends fray they look like that. If it's pretty much impossible to pull off the rock, I'd say it's one of those imbedded threads. All you can do is cut it...
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    Symbiotic relationship of the majestic Elkhorn

    The climate IS changing and it IS getting warmer, hence their wording. ;) Interesting article though. It's sad to see no elkhorn in the Key's when I go diving there. My dad said the same reefs we dive used to be covered with elkhorn when he was younger. It's mostly button polyps, sponges, and...
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    New coral told plate think maybe it is a chalice

    Yep, that's a litho. Neat color! I've never seen one all purple. I did see one that was purple with an orange rim in someone's tank once. Mine seems to do fine med to low in the tank. I always placed it on a rock and not in the sand, but the purple/orange one was placed in the sand. I treat it...
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    75 Gallon Tower Seahorse Tank

    Yes. I mainly feed PE mysis. I supplement with krill and live brine (gut loaded with astax). I feed anywhere between 4 times to once a day. Usually I just feed twice a day.
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    Can you tell the gender of a bluespot jawfish?

    Noticed club members talking about having pairs of bluespots. Sorry if it's already been covered, but can you tell the difference between males and females? Also how do pairs interact in aquariums. I think I read that in the wild they tend to keep their distance from eachother unlike pearly jaws...
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    75 Gallon Tower Seahorse Tank

    Thank you! So about 2 weeks ago I got in 3 more reidi seahorses. I was hoping to get 3 males and was disappointed when they arrived. I was told sexing them would be no problem and they would only send males, but alas they were too young to tell the gender and now I'm afraid they are all...
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    The Bluespot Club

    I don't really plan on adding more fish except maybe a small school of ORA Eastern Hulafish which also prefer cooler water. With those gobies, I'd be kind of afraid my jawfish or diamond watchman goby would eat them! They are very pretty though. I think you found my seahorse tank thread already...
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    75 Gallon Tower Seahorse Tank

    Seahorses are fun. I didn't think I'd like them as much as I do. I've seen some pretty simple 30ish gallon set ups that work great for seahorses.
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    The Bluespot Club

    Thanks! This guy has been doing really well. I think it helps that it's a very peaceful tank. There's only him, 6 seahorses, and a diamond watchman goby (which I think the jawfish would prefer to live without). I made the mistake with my last bluejaw thinking a1/2" mesh screen top would keep him...