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    The Twilight Zone
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    Kerry's Starter Reef

    Just a guess, but you're describing a Red Boxer Crab. (pic ain't great)
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    White object on LR

    Looks like bubble algae to me.
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    Found a worm in substrate! Good or bad?

    Because of the ringed spots and lack of fluffy setae I'd say that worm is a Nereid.
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    Is this aiptasia? I killed many before, but these look different.

    By your description I'm thinking it might just be Foraminiferans. ?
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    Amazing Octopus Camoflage

    Another octopus video:
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    HELP! bad water change?

    What kind of glue did you use?
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    OT: Word Relation Game

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    Worm question?

    Maybe I'm looking at the picture wrong. It looks just like a Peanut Worm to me.
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    OT: Word Relation Game

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    OT: Word Relation Game

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    OT: Word Relation Game

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    Help identify this disease

    I hope to stave off bashing from a misdiagnosis. After examining the thread carefully, you are dealing with Marine Velvet not Brooklynella. Don't know what I was thinking. I guess I was going by the first picture alone. Velvet (Amyloodinium):Symptoms - Because velvet can be such a fast killer...
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    New to the Saltwater world

    First, welcome to the family at Reef Sanctuary. Your skimmer probably isn't producing because their aren't any proteins to fractionate. Tell us a little more. How are you introducing ammonia and how far along are you on a competent nitrogen cycle?
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    Help identify this disease

    Your fish have Brooknynella. Sorry. Here's a very good article: Look on the same link on how to treat it. It's, sorry to say, a common disease for clown fish.