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    Clams, The Best Food Ever for a Reef

    Iv'e been feeding clam after Paul's suggestion .Every fish loves it ! I bet the corals like the tiny bit as well .
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    well I received the Triton sump. it.s very well built & looks cool ! never had equipment that looks pretty LOL. Anyway the skimmer droped right in with a little room to spare. Thanks again to Dave. I would have never found this sump if not for Him.
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    Can anyone Identify

    hello, Is it TBS rock by any chance? This is a long shot but looks like a jewel box clam. or some other type . so it's not the whole rock just the small pink piece? Just reread your post.
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    ordered this sump last night should receive the 31st. Hope no tricks just treats ! Great find Dave that helped me big time ! plenty left for a refugium light Want this one I have one & like it jut fine...
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    Saint's 75g

    I checked out your sump. thanks for sharing. You have put a lot of time & work into this tank !
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Hello Saint, That's what I'll have to do is file the lip on the base . the adjust knobis too big I'll have to cut out the outside of that .Another layer of eggcrae to take care of the pump & chord. I haven't ordered yet will flip a coin tomorrow. I'm sure to let you know. Also I'll have o...
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    New Reefer

    Welcome zero !
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Man Oh man it's soo close ! I mean barely enough room. like less than a 1/4 inch close . Fit fine but the simmer pump intake is 1/4 inch from the side. This will restrict flow into the skimmer. I can turn the pumo vertical and thats ok but will require some innovative shelves for said skimmer...
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Holy Smokers Dave ! That is great . I need to make some careful measurements tomorrow. only thing is if my big octo skimmer will fit . That is a major savings. I'm sure to find out more.
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    Thank You gentle men for he quick reply. I need as much length as possible to fit the equipment & still have a meaningful sized refugium. Thanks again !
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    Going price for a pro custom sump ?

    1st Folks, my apologies for not dropping by more often. So I want a custom size , pro built sump with 3 maybe 4 walls . The dimensions are, 45 by 16 by 16 with proper bracing of course . You think between 900 & 1000 bucks is about right? This doesn't include shipping as I can pick it up...
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    Favorite phosphate test kit

    I agree with SPR , The Hanna Ultra low is my preference . The regents are tricky at 1st.
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    New to salt water

    Hi Kathy, Theses are good people here. I'm sure they will help You !
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    Copperband Butterflyfish Advise

    Good call ! Now maybe a Raccoon Butterfly? I'd think more forgiving than a Copper Band. However need a good varied diet for a long life. You could feed good stuff as often as possible.
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    Respect memorial Day

    I remember my beloved lost Veteran !