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    Bap's RSM 250 Tank thread

    After rigorous water changes, the hair algae has subsided quite a bit. However, the bubble algae has gone crazy and becoming a big problem. We have done some reading on the new Vibrant Liquid Aquarium cleaner. People seem to have some really good results with it and bubble algae. In addition to...
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    HELP! Taking over our tank

    We have two LFS here, the one doesn't get them so I still need to call the second and see if they might.
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    Stevedola's Redsea Max 250

    We too put in the Steve's LED kit and love it. Definitely worth it
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    Bap's RSM 250 Tank thread

    Some shots of the tank from my iPhone. As soon as everything is looking top notch again I will break out my DSLR. The giant mass slowly creeping up the front glass is our Clavularia. We have had it for about two years now and are constantly cutting it down to a third of this size and trading...
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    HELP! Taking over our tank

    Yes I have dealt with the hermit bullies in the past. I honestly think there are only three or four left in the tank and they stay on the back. I made sure to put the snails all in the front where I could keep a good eye on them. Normally we just add a couple handfuls of water every couple of...
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    Bap's RSM 250 Tank thread

    Trying our best to get the tank back into good shape. It was indeed brown hair algae. The tank had been neglected for a little while though so its our own fault. Bought some mexican Turbos and Trochus snails to help with the clean ups since we have only a handful of blue legged hermits doing the...
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    HELP! Taking over our tank

    Yes I read about those sea hares, definitely something to keep in mind. However I think there may be something else going on in the tank. Two of the turbos died within 24 hours, (did a 30 min drip acclimation with both) and one of the trochus. I think the other trochus aren't doing so well...
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    HELP! Taking over our tank

    Thank you all for your responses! After more research and your responses, it has to be green hair algae. I guess I always assumed GHA would be green and not brown (rookie mistake). Completely restocked our CUC with four Mexican Turbos, 6 trochus snails, and ten blue leg hermits. We have never...
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    HELP! Taking over our tank

    This stuff started growing when we switched over to LEDs. After about a week or so with the new lights this hair started to grow all over the back wall. Its been growing and spreading to the rock and coral. It doesn't look like bryopsis which we have had in the past. Please see the pictures and...
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    Mystery Algae
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    Mystery algae