Small (25 gal >) cube on my high bar counter?

Good Afternoon,

It has been several years since my last post, as well as since owning a sw fish/reef tank. I'm considering getting myself back into the hobby, but on a small scale. I'm looking for a true minimalist setup. As stated above, I'm interested in placing a tank to place on the counter of my high bar in my pass through between my kitchen and living room. I want something that is acrylic, to maximize the viewing area as much as possible, but small enough that the counter is rendered useless. I want to keep everything as simple and clean and quiet as possible. What i know right now...I would place a shallow LSB and possible a small amount of LR (of some sort), to help with natural filtration. As far as live stock, I'm interested in small and playful (clowns most likely) idk if anything else, other than small cleaner crew. That's pretty much it.

I dont want to store large amount of water, salt, chemicals, extra parts, etc...etc...something small with minimal upkeep, but fun to get lost in looking at the fish.

Is this possible?

Thanks for any assistance! Hopefully this is a new beginning for me in the hobby!


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I would say that what you want to do is possible. However, any SW system is going to require a certain amount of work, and your still going to need a container for mixing SW, salt, a source for RO/DI water, basic test kits and so on. You just can't get away from that. That being said, I still think this is doable.

If I was doing such a system, I'd be looking at one of the all in one combo units like a RSM 130. Of course there are plenty of other good systems. I would not skimp on LR, it's a major part of the filtration system.

Also, consider that his need not be a SW system. There are quite a few people that love FW planted tanks, stocked with various FW shrimp or small tetras. These can be real gems also.


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I appreciate all both of your comments on the subject. I understand that certain items must be completed each week, whether running a small or large system.

I looked at the links provided, i like the setup of both tanks, especially how all of the components are what looks to be hidden. I'm somewhat intrigued by the oceanic tank, as it allows for a skimmer and uv sterilizer. Both items are good to have in any tank, but might be that little bit more important in a small tank.

I think i will spend some time researching, looking at fellow members tanks, and then hopefully taking the plunge (albeit small) jump back into the hobby. I will likely continue to post in this thread to bring my ideas to the attention of the more seasoned members!
anyone have any thoughts on this tank? EHEIM Aquastyle link - Products
Very simplistic and i love how its open all the way, i'm unsure the led light would actually allow enough light for the way they display it with a what looks to be a bubble anemone, but softies..maybe...i think this could be the perfect tank to be placed on my high bar.

Thoughts or Experiences?



Welcome back RR :wave:

I've had several smaller tanks ranging from 6g up to 90g (well 90g wasn't smaller but anyway) and by far my FAVORITE Nano type tank is the RSM130D. It's an All-In-One system with an included skimmer. Many of us (yep me too) run these stock with no equipment replacement while others will "Mod to the MAX". It's a great footprint and viewable (very well I might add) from 3 sides. This tank is so popular that we added a whole RSM section here at RS.

I've got a NanoCube 12DX here in my office that I've had up and running for well over 4 years now and the RSM is still my favorite All-In-One tank so far.

Good luck and I can't wait to see this one come together regardless what tank you pic.


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