Saint's 110g Reef


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After the most basic of my daily tasks, I sat down to enjoy some scotch and spend some quality time with my little buddy. Of course, this was while staring at my tank [emoji3]

Also here are a couple quick coral shots.

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As always, the hobby throws in a twist. After finally getting to a point where i am not touching things in my tank.... Velvet hits. I lost two fish and two are severely infected.

After much research, it was recommended to tear out my rock, find my fish, put them in their new fully setup and copper filled system and cross my fingers for 2.5 months to see who makes it.

I decided to grab some fresh food, soak it in some vitamins and garlic and do some feeding instead. I cut the lights off to reduce stress and unfortunately did a 30g WC and vacuum out my sump. Now that the hard part is over, I am checking occasionally on my little renters to see how they are doing. So far, only the sailfin and the BO clown are showing symptoms, but they are no longer covered like they were two days ago. Everyone is eating and swimming as desired.

Water tests show no signs of Nitrites or Ammonia. Trace amounts of nitrates and 8.2 PH.

More to follow.


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So sorry ro read this my friend, good luck fighting the desease.

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Thanks bud. It does suck and is a test on the resolve. That said, both blemo and the sail fin died. What is driving me crazy is i also lost the cleaner wrasse, but he showed no signs of infection.

Things are calm in the system now, so its just a waiting game to see what happens. Planning on another water change this week and more focus on doing nothing.

On a side note, corals are doing great.