Older Algae Eater with a growth..tumor?


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I have a plecostamus that is about 20 years old and 18” long. I’m the past few weeks, he started developing some kind of growth on the side of his head, just under his eye but not covering his Gill. I worry that this is some kind of tumor. It has grown fast the last couple of weeks. He doesn’t act like it bothers him or affects him right now. But I’m just going by his normal behavior which really hasn’t changed. I worry about how serious this is because of his age. Can you offer any advice?


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It could be a tumor or an infected abscess. Not much you can do for the former, but for the latter you can try dosing Melafix + Pimafix right in the DT. If that doesn’t work, quarantining the fish and treating with Maracyn 1 & 2 would be the next step. A 30 minute methylene blue bath might also be worth a shot: https://humble.fish/methylene-blue/