Moving big tanks + questions



I am finally moving in July and upgrading from my first 75 gallon (11 years old this year!) to either a another DIY build or seriously leaning towards a Waterbox. 95% sure I'm going to go with the infinia reef 230.

I have a few questions for anyone that has a waterbox or a bigger tank in general (either 60x24x24 or 72x24x24):

1) I am moving into a ranch, my main concern is getting the tank down into the basement. I'm guessing the weight of these dry are going to be in the 400lb + range and I am just worried about getting it down there. Did you guys or gals hire movers/LFS or just get 6 friends together?
2) How do you like the build quality of the Waterbox and the aluminum stand?
3) What kind of lights do you have and how are they installed? I am planning on selling my RB 48 V2 Pro and getting two RB 32 V2 Pros but I am considering hydras or radions.

Thank you!


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My own tank is a 125 gal 72x18x18. I was able to move it into my living room with just 2 people, but it's a lot smaller and lighter, and it was more or less a straight shit to get it there. Your tank is a bit larger so I think you'd need at least 4 to move it, maybe more if you got to turn some corners.

The Waterbox tanks and stands look nice, but I've never owned one, so I can't rally help there.

I think any pf the lighting options your looking at would work fine, like all the stuff, lighting can get expensive fast. I'd say look for features you want. I'd especially want the ability to control it via the net znd to control the individual channels/colors of light. My own tank has 4 older AI hydra 52 fixtures on it. they have worked out well. If I had to replace them I'd be looking at AI again or Raidon. As a note I only run the current fixtures at about 50% max, so the smaller ones would do, but a lot depends on what you want to keep in the tank.


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You can def move it yourself with some friends. Suction cups are great too. I helped a buddy move his 8’ miracles tank because hiring someone was just outrageous from a cost point.

I have a waterbox 5’ penninsula and I really like it except for the overflow. The teeth can only handle so much flow which I find annoying.


sweet thanks for the response guys! the basement can either be accessed through the garage or it has its own hatchway around the back of the house so I have options. I think I can get it done with 4 people.

Looking forward to it to get back into reefing haha my current tank is pretty bare since I knew I'd be moving (didn't think it would take 3 years to find a house!) I didn't want to fill it with coral after my crash.