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Due to such a high demand at this price we have decided for a temporary period to extend the $999 price of the Mitras, this is way below the units retail value and based on the extreme technology of the unit you are getting a massive deal.


So why Mitras what makes it sooo special?
When buying an LED fixture you should be looking for something you never have to replace again, giving the advances of T5 lighting coupled with the power output of a Metal Halide. The GHL Mitras delivers all this, many users reporting the fixture to be the first ever to what an LED should do, replicating the two mainstays in reef lighting. I read so many times reefers buying fixtures, not getting what they expected and then going back to T5 and being put off not believing an LED can actually match T5.

So how does the Mitras achieve what so many felt was the unachievable?

There are two basic reasons for this without getting too technical.
1. The use of highly engineered reflectors (2 years in development with a leading German lighting research lab) that produce the same light output you would get from T5 reflectors, with Metal coated PET reflector, 99% total reflection 96% diffuse allowing the individual LED colours to merge, this in turn eliminates hot spots,disco ball effects, and much wider spread independently tested to 36x36".

2. T5 has always been superior in terms of dimming capabilities, this is due to the analogue nature of the control voltage to the ballast which allows for a smooth dimming curve. With LED fixtures that dimming curve is digital so especially at low brightness values you can physically see the lamp step down in brightness percentages, its choppy, not smooth. Then along came Mitras with its built in LDT, Linear Dimming Technology, this converts the digital signal to analogue and supplies a smooth voltage signal to the Diode and thus you get the same smooth dimming curve you get in T5. GHL is the first and I think still ONLY LED to offer this advanced technology.

3. Rolling cloud cover, this is an awesome built in feature, imagine replicating clouds where at random times a cloud gently dims the lamp, not only acting as a very neat feature but also gives corals a break from the midday sun, just in nature. The added benefit with the Mitras with linear dimming technology is that the cloud simulation is smooth, you can actually forget its even happening! Not to mention add two or more fixtures and you can have rolling clouds across the tanks just as a cloud would move across the sun!

The Mitras provides the missing puzzle pieces in the LED world to give T5 a real run for its money on all areas that T5 offer.

Not to mention in 15 months of being on the market there has not been one single warranty case!!! 100% German engineered technology working to save you money long term.

User comments

This light is amazing! Having 6 pucks instead of just two makes the spread so much more that I only need 2 of these to cover my entire 50 x 36 tank! AMAZING! I also love that this light has Warm white as well as Cool White LEDs, this helps when trying to get a more natural look in your tank. The LEDs really do make the coral POP. The Hyper Violet on the Mitras does not make the tank look purple.

The fact that you can control each LED individually right from the fixture as well as program a storm quickly to show off to your friends is AWESOME! The fan on this light is a huge plus and the fan runs VERY quiet.

After having owned the Mitras for about 8 months, I must say it has been the best investment I have made for my tank, besides buying the Profilux.

The thunderstorm feature is the most accurate simulation I've seen on any light, super bright too.

I own 3 mitras. What made me go with the mitras was the 6 led clusters. I knew that the lights could be configured to give almost whatever cast of colour I wanted, but i felt the Mitras could mix those colours together better with more point sources of light to work with. Not to mention the better light spread from the Mitras.. As for serviceability, I recently upgraded my Mitras from the 6100 led clusters to the 6200 clusters and it was ridiculously easy. Having looked inside the lights and having seen how they are put together, I have total confidence in them and in my abilities to change a part or repair them IF that is ever necessary. Like Micheal said, however, there has yet to be an issue with one. As for fan noise, the fans on the Mitras really are basically silent.
As for support, I have emailed Micheal on several occasions on weekends or evenings and he has always gotten back to me basically right away.

No questions about it. MITRAS ALL IN. I am able to grow SPS and the colors are amazing. I personally can't wait for the wireless card to control the lights via Profilux. That's the icing on the cake. I know Mitras is expensive but light looks BEAUTIFUL and it has the brains to back it up! Not just looks. If there is ONE piece of equipment I call MUST have I will say MITRAS.

I am using Mitras for short time and i switch from MH using them for 12 years..What can i say.. i am glad i did, so far i have only LPS in my new tank and colors i see i never be able to get under MH,. simply amazing.

I love my Mitras, it's footprint is tiny, and produces an incredible amount of light. It also comes with a top class power supply (Underrated / poor quality power supplies are a bugbear of mine due to the career I'm in!)

I've owned my Mitras for probably a year now and it is without a doubt the best led that I have ever used and worked with. Colors under the light are beyond outstanding and continue to improve. The growth rates have been excellent as well. FWIW, here's what my Mitras has helped me grow:



What I like about the Mitras is the uniform spread and the ability to run different spectrum at different times through out the day. I've been running two Mistra's over a 75g for about two months, and I must say I really love them. Your corals' growth rate and color will depend on the spectrum and light intensity you choose. Mitras offers countless configurations you can come up with. It took me some time to figure out the combo that works for my tank. The growth rate and color are amazing so far. If you don't wanna mess with programming it, simply ask other Mitras users for their programs which known to produce great growth and color then use them to see which one you like best. I could tell if my tank getting improved or worse in a week or two for each configuration I experimented. Here's a video of my tank. I can tell new growth after every two weeks, especially the caps, they grow too fast. I'm in the process of upgrading to a little bigger tank.


GHL have really done their homework with this light. And the best thing is, it will eventually pay for it self as there is no bulbs or tubes to buy!



Light on commercial set up at canada Corals total of 24 units on a massive coral bed

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