Inflation Fears - what do you stock up on?


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Wondering how folks might be safe guarding themselves against inflation, supply chain issues and sadly I must throw war into this conversation.

I have enough stock here for a bit but no I’m starting to wonder if I need more.

What do you all think?


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The thing is that if you have an established tank, you don't need too much to keep it going and also that some of the items you use have a shelf life.

Any filter media I'm using could be bought in bulk, as it's not going to go bad. Things like most fish foods have a shelf life. Also, I'd not want to keep a massive amount of salt around just due to the space it takes up.

Now when it comes to equipment, if your looking to upgrade something, it might be a good time to do it now if your worried about inflation or lack of availability.

So far I have not done anything special to stock up on supplies.


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To me, cost of inflation is much more tolerable than not being able to get a critical component right away.
Ive bought an extra return pump, RODI filters and carbon when the supply chain delays started last year. Im down to about 2 water changes per year, and reusable foam filters in the sump so i dont have many consumables. Also frozen mysis in the deep freezer has been lasting me a couple years before the freezerburn sets in.