Glenn's Reef RSM 250


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Cheers - tangs love to swim & the bigger the tank the better - I'm not a member of the tang police, and I don't disagree with the fact they need lots of room to swim, mine is small, seemingly happy, well fed and healthy, has been that way for years.

This pic shows... he has quite a bit of room to swim & my scape allows for him to make laps behind the rock.


Bought some Hanna checkers today
- going give them a go, I hate testing & these look easy - lots of vids on them ...

from RS sponsor Aquacave - at a nice price

Hanna Marine Alkalinity Checker HI755
Hanna Marine Calcium Checker HI758
Wow it's been a while since I cruised the sanctuary.
Man Glenn that thing got big! It's just awesome in its awesomeness! Well done brother. You truly do maintain a long term healthy aquarium that I envy your ability to do!