Fleece Roller Filters and Red Sea v3 Sump


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I’m investigating the possibility of installing a fleece roller filter into my Red Sea 525xl v3 sump. I know that the cup holders are too narrow for the Klir to just drop in.

Has anyone successfully fitted a Klir or Clarisea fleece roller filter into this type of sump without having to completely remove the sock holders? I really don’t want to do that.



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I have never used this kind of filter so I can't tell you if it's any good or worth the price. One thing that dose set off a red flag for me is that you need to buy replacement rolls for them and they are not cheep. Also, if they stop making the rolls, you are out of business as far as the filter goes.

The other question I would ask is what are you trying to do with such a filter? Perhaps another product might be better.

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I hate filter socks so In my new sump, I’m sockless. It’s big enough that the detritus settles and the skimmer gets first crack at it. I just do water changes through the sump where I vacuum it out.
Now for your question, I love the idea of them but I hear they jam so I’m assuming they need to be maintained to avoid this. The Red Sea doesn’t work but I know people have ground the opening bigger to make it work.

Time for a custom sump from advanced acrylics I think

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Tried that route too... The repeated vacuuming of detritus from the sump spurred me on to investigate the roller mat. :)

But back to Dave's point - I consider the roller mat to be a luxury. It's definitely not the cheapest option, which is usually the best.
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I hate filter socks so In my new sump, I’m sockless. ...
That what I did. I got tired of changing filter socks every few days. I just removed them and let the skimmer deal with everything. I might consider switching to using a mesh sock, just to catch the huge particulate matter. They would be easy to clean also.

Related to this, I much prefer "set it and forget it" kind of things in aquarium systems. I don't want something I always need to clean, calibrate, or otherwise have to mess with it.