Caulerpa problem in DT


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Hi guys

Seem to have somehow introduced caulerpa into my system, no idea how though.

Been researching types and seems like it could be lentillifera due to it’s structure. Does anybody know how I can rid the tank of it?
I’m currently manually pulling it out but it regrows fast and really is a PITA. Crap tank pics sorry.


Guessing my phosphate levels are higher than the readings are showing as it’s probably consuming it. Corals seem ok but have lost a pineapple coral and my Duncan is closed up.

Any advice gratefully received as always.


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Thanks Pancho

Wow is one way of putting it lol, although I think my words began with F!!!

I did think about Vibrant, but wasn't sure - might have to research a bit more on that. Just picked up a Tux urchin and some turbos from my LFS this morning, so hopefully the former will help. Weekly manual removal should also keep it in check, but ideally want to keep my hands out of the tank. LFS had a fox face but tank too small for natural predator to help. :-(


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Oops, I hear you, if the tank is small what about a lawnmower blenny? Not sure if it will be in the menu. The urchin is a great idea.


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LFS sold the last lawnmower he had earlier in the day, but hey ho. I’ll wait and see how the tuxedo goes but he seems off to a good start.