1. G

    Help clownfish with ich?!

    So I just started my tank coming up on the 2nd week, FOWLR my test come back in normal parameters, temp and salinity have been kept stable. It’s a 37 gallon that holds 2 clownfish at the moment one of which appears to have signs of ich. LFS said best treatment would be to let it ride it out not...
  2. Jessicaleah13

    Yellowtail Damsel

    I noticed my damsel brushing himself against rocks and objects in the tank and shaking himself alot. I managed to get him out of my main display so I can treat him when I know what exactly I'm dealing with. I have a quarantine tank set up. This is what he looks like in the dark with a normal...
  3. S

    My Goniopora isn’t happy, ever!

    Hi there We have had our Goniopora for about 6 months and at first it was super happy but slowly has started dying from the bottom up. If has stopped receding but the polyps never come out any more. We have moved it around the tank every couple of weeks to see if it likes a different spot with...
  4. T

    New here and need help with my sick purple tang

    So I have a purple tang that I'd bought a couple months ago. About a week ago I noticed white spots that on him and started treating with cupramine as soon as I could. I pulled him from the display along with my other fish and put them in QT. Unfiltered so I've been doing 75% water changes every...
  5. H

    Mandarin Fish Dying from Unknown Illness

    Last week I got a Royal Gramma from my LFS. After drip acclimating, I put the fish in the tank and it immediately went into hiding. I did a 50% water change 3 days later and I know the fish was still alive then. A couple days after this I saw my hermit crabs eating the dead Royal Gramma. About a...