clown fish

  1. G

    Help clownfish with ich?!

    So I just started my tank coming up on the 2nd week, FOWLR my test come back in normal parameters, temp and salinity have been kept stable. It’s a 37 gallon that holds 2 clownfish at the moment one of which appears to have signs of ich. LFS said best treatment would be to let it ride it out not...
  2. DomD

    New Marine Tank troubles

    Hello, I am new to saltwater tanks and despite following my local shop's instructions to the letter I cannot keep a clown fish for more than 1 or 2 days at most. The 2 Gobies in tis tank are just fine. My specs: 55 gallon 30 lbs Live Rock 2 lbs fine sand (not live) Marineland canister filter UV...