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  1. Pat24601

    Galapagos - Adventures of an English “Marine Aquarist”!

    That is so awesome! I'm jealous!
  2. Pat24601

    Tank turned 49 this year

    Same here with my kids. They love to clean the glass like Greta is doing. Unfortunately, they sometimes clean it with some sand they get in the mag-float. Oh well, I'll worry about the scratches at some later time. Most aren't that visible if you don't know to look for them. ;)
  3. Pat24601

    Welcome Aboard!

    When I was adding fish fairly frequently, I basically had a fully cycled tank I would keep fallow, but keep an ammonia source in to keep the cycle up. I tended to call it more of an "observation tank" than a QT tank. Any new fish would stay in it for about 6 weeks before I put in the DT. I...
  4. Pat24601

    Tank turned 49 this year

    Wow! That's a sweet set up! I can only dream of such an achievement! Maybe once my kids are out of the house. A loooonnnggg time for now. For now, I just try to find a room with a TV in it I'm allowed to watch sports on.
  5. Pat24601

    Tank turned 49 this year

    That would have been totally awesome to have a spider hand x-ray!
  6. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    Looking good!
  7. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    Cross fingers and hope it stays that way. :)
  8. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    Yay! Working is happiness when it comes to these things!!!
  9. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    Sounds like the best you can do. I’m glad you at least got a second set working! Unfortunately, once something goes wrong with these lights, trouble shooting it can be very tough. I’ve spent hours replacing one thing or other. I think you are on the right path!
  10. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    Ut oh. Now it sounds like this could be trouble starting. The truth is I'm not an expert on T5 lightning at all. So, all I know is what little has trickled on me. I suppose it could be a relay, but I'm kind of wondering if there is a loose wire somewhere from replacing the first ballast...
  11. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    On the good side, sounds like everything is going very well! I hadn't thought about the hinge being hard. Mine has always been pretty easy, but I take mine off pretty often so it probably had never had a chance to seal up on me. You are like me. Once I'm in there, I just start fixing...
  12. Pat24601

    New Tank Not Level

    Just to add, I found this tool a great one to lift my tank up to get stuff under it. It was empty of water when I did it, though.
  13. Pat24601

    General Floor Advice? What is your thought

    We have hardwood throughout our house. My wife hates carpet and the first thing we did when we moved in was take out all of the carpet and put in hardwood. So, all of my tanks are always on hardwood. I've had no real problems. I get spills, sure. But, I dry them up quickly and the hardwood...
  14. Pat24601

    RSM250 Lighting Ballast Issues

    I've taken apart my hood and put it back together a number of times now. At least 4, maybe more. This is because I was switching my lights back and forth between fresh and saltwater. :) It's really not bad at all...once you've done it a first time. :) That first time can be intimidating...
  15. Pat24601

    Tank turned 49 this year

    Wow! Now that's a real problem! Scary looking stuff.
  16. Pat24601

    Starting a new tank

    I’m a bit in the DaveK camp. There is nothing wrong with upgrading and I’m a big Red Sea fan and the tank I have (and love) is an earlier version of the one you are thinking of, but what problems are you running into? It’s true that a bigger tank is easier in maintain, but it’s still not...
  17. Pat24601

    Source Water, testing

    When I say things like that, I just mean TDS.
  18. Pat24601

    long term algae problem

    TDS of source water is a big thing to look for. After that, for me it’s always been about regular (and sizeable) water changes. Seachem phosnet helped too.
  19. Pat24601

    Proper feeding of my fish, anemone and corals

    Great point. I should be clear I was only talking about fish. I have no idea how to take care of an anemone and I actually rarely fed my corals, although people that do I think do it once or twice a week.