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  1. Basile

    My socks are too clean

    My socks are filthy, but i think i know why. Most of the gunk is i think what i'm dosing, (reef Roy, fauna marine for filter feeders, etc) i feel like i'm wasting all my dosing supplements into them. besides the skimmer is doing a great job with dry skimmate . What do you think should i take...
  2. Basile

    Confusing Parameters

    I'm a bit lost about my phosphate parameters. I have a huge macro-algae refugium, that helps with my stability of my reef. Now i've just found this table of parameters. For a Macro algae tank it says .5ppm and for my mixed reef it needs to be at 0 ppm. Right now its at .5 , so i'm ok for my...
  3. Basile

    Too much flow???

    Is there such a thing as too much flow for a tank. my tank is 6 feet by 2 feet 150 reef, mixed tank, LPS ,SPS 1 wavebox 2Tunze Turbelle stream 6105 Flow rate: (700 to abt. 3,400 USgal./h) at max 2Turbelle Stream 6125 (3150 GPH) I'm thinking about the fish also can too much flow keep them...
  4. Basile

    The best number of Anthias

    I'm going to get myself some Anthias, Barttlet , because they're smaller and i can get a better number of them in my 150 reef. What would be a great number, i was thinking 1 male and 6 female. Is their something i should know about them, i know if the male dies the biggest female will change...
  5. Basile

    The leaky sump or not

    Last night their was water on the floor..............either my new sump or my RODI reservoir. Made a water change to empty the RO and set it aside. clean up and dry it and put towels to see if water would continue to leak from the sump. I was hoping not................this means another damn set...
  6. Basile

    Mixed tank with macro-algae

    Who when we talk about mixed tank have macro-algae with their coral. Is it more difficult or easier to maintain. I'm thinking of the ideal because i'll have tangs and they used to eat the macro's i use to give them from my refugium. So i see it as a pro what would be the cons.
  7. Basile

    Ordering live stuff through the net

    Anybody ever ordered live fish and critters via the net, i'm tired of being ripped OFF by the locals..... EX; blue Hippo tang, $73 for a 4 inch on the net $199 at LFS for a 3 inch What was your experience like and do you recommend it, thanks.
  8. Basile

    Infinite RO/DI water

    Ok i have a Vertex; Puratek RO system that i haven't change RO filters in 2 years of continuous use. And the particule reader indicates 00PP still. I haven't change the membrane either , just the carbon and pre-filter once in 4 years. So do you think my meter is faulty. Or my water is of...
  9. Basile

    What's a good photo-period for your fuge

    I've been recounting my experience with some macro's in my display refugium and i'm not sure if my photo-period was enough. Any thoughts........ I have led's for the fuge Maxspect 10 k .
  10. Basile

    Too much foam

    Can anyone explain to me why is my skimmer who worked perfectly 10 months ago , now is foaming so much clear skimmate that its impossible to control. Its an SRO 3000 int. Its been innactive for 10 months since i closed the tank , but now i can't control it anymore. I'm cycling right now 1.025...
  11. Basile

    Anybody else used prodibio products

    Just wondering if anybody else used prodibio start up to start their tanks and how it went. When did you add your fist inverts and fish. What fish was it and how many a week did you add. Thanks.
  12. Basile

    Close call

    Last night i saw some water just a bit behind my tank. Now i've just restarted the system and though of the worse. The small amount was directly close to the wall. Looking at all the dust on the pipe no indication of dripping that i could see. My RODI tube goes through there and sometime...
  13. Basile

    Where are all the reefers

    I was out of the hobby for 10 months for special circumstances, but is it me or people are leaving the hobby. I'm saying because out of my 10 hobbyist friends only two of us remain. My LFS says the same thing . How's the hobby in your neighborhood? Whats going on with the market.......any body...
  14. Basile

    Bare bottom VS sand bed

    Their's all king of reason to do both these options. And their's reason to change back depending on what you've started with. So tell us your reasons and what advantages you find in it.
  15. Basile

    How long does the buzz last.

    Hi guys right now i'm in a buzz over restarting my tank. I'm on the net gathering info, what i'm going to buy , what to buy first anyway you get the picture. I'd say 80% of the fun in the hobby is setting up a tank. Now how long does it last; what's the thing that you think will annoy you or...
  16. Basile

    Tank Topography

    Hi just a question about your sand. Right now i have nothing in the tank i'm just restating my tank, in cycle, and with new pumps Tunzes. The flow of water is creating ridges and little mounts that i find kind of interesting to look at and actually tells me where the water flow is going and...
  17. Basile

    Tap water for starters

    Someone just tweet me that i could fill my 265 G tank faster with tap water at first for the cycling. I was surprise by the suggestion, and wonder . I know their's no life yet in the tank, and the cycle is a few weeks to months. But i'm perplex as to this. I've research the use of tap water and...
  18. Basile

    Do the math dosing vs quality salt

    I was wondering if any of you have done the cost of top quality salt cost vs dosing the missing elements with regular water monthly change in mind. what's the best options.
  19. Basile

    Optimum lighting for my macro's what's the best.

    One of my maxspec is going it a 10 000K for my display refugium. its going to fail soon. I have another one that's still working perfectly. Now my problem is to replace that one with the best light possible. Masxpect doesn't make those anymore. Its all 15K. Do you have a light suggestion...
  20. Basile

    how do you put your rocks.

    I can't decide if i'm putting my rocks directly on the glass and then cover with sand or if i put them on top of the sand, or in between . Any thoughts ; thanks for your time