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  1. Frankie

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Didn't see a thread started yet, Celebrating 18 years today! Happy valentines all!
  2. Frankie

    China building on and destroying reefs in the South China Sea

    I was kinda shocked when i read this.
  3. Frankie

    Smart phone addiction!

    Hey everyone! Just thought I would start an off topic on phones and see what everyone else is holding. :) my latest for this year has been the Galaxy Note 3. This is the perfect phone for me. The size is great, I love the S pen option and use it often. Battery life is twice the time from my...
  4. Frankie

    Auto top off set ups

    I need to design a top off system for my aquarium and thought it would be great to see what everyone else is doing. So let's see your top off deigns!
  5. Frankie

    ESV B-Ionic Seawater System

    Hey everyone, Getting ready to fire up a 60 gal. Shallow and hit a snag on my salt source. I could get it elsewhere but I use my supplier for other things also and prefer to stick with them. They sell ESV B-Ionic Seawater System but I have no experience yet with it. I plan on doing more...
  6. Frankie

    Surprise! Corals Discovered in Acidic Submarine Springs

    New article brought to you from our good member DesertOrchid! :thumbup: SAN FRANCISCO — Certain species of corals have been discovered living in the surprisingly acidic waters of the Caribbean's submarine springs, areas thought inhospitable to corals, a new survey has found. However, these...
  7. Frankie

    Dolomite discovery ends 100-year treasure hunt

    Wonderful articles lately BigAl! Here's another great find and topic that is very important to our understanding with chemistry & coral reefs from Quentin "QuentinB" ( -- The century-old mystery of a missing mineral in coral reefs has been solved by a team from The Australian...
  8. Frankie

    Happy Thanksgiving Reef Sanctuary!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Frankie

    Sustainable Collection Revives in Papua New Guinea

    Article provided by Brandon, AKA JediKnight :thumbup: By Ret Talbot Special to CORAL MAGAZINE In March 2010, I first met Daniel Navin in the departures terminal at the international airport in Brisbane, Australia. We were both headed to Papua New Guinea (PNG)—me to research an article...
  10. Frankie

    Mystery of diseased coral solved: Human feces to blame

    Article provided by glampka :thumbup: Expert: 'First time ever that a human disease has been shown to kill an invertebrate' A strange new menace has joined the long list of threats to corals, the tiny reef-building animals that create important habitat in our oceans. A bacterium that...
  11. Frankie

    Gulf ‘dead zone’ bigger than Delaware

    Article provided by Juan (jpsika08) :thumbup: Hypoxia is most severe around the Louisiana coast but still exists farther west toward Texas, notably in the Galveston area. (Credit: Texas A&M TEXAS A&M (US) — This year’s dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is 3,300 square miles—bigger than...
  12. Frankie

    LFS worker Robert Smythe, RIP

    Rob was found dead of a heart attack in his home Saturday June 18th, 2011. By his co-workers I am told. Rob was a good friend to many aquarists for 30 years here in the Low Country Charleston SC. His entire life was dedicated to educating and helping those in the aquatic hobby. He served us...
  13. Frankie

    Aquarium's From Around the World

    This time I bring you Vic (mrvicz)from the Philippines! Check out the Youtube video also :thumbup: YouTube - ‪My 4-month old 100 gal Aquarium - Full Zeovit Method [Part 1]‬‏
  14. Frankie

    Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Ahoy, hello e'eryone, I thought this may be fun and we can have a Talk Like a Pirate day. Har's a link t' a translator. Just type your posts har and copy/paste. Gar. Talk Like a Pirate Day
  15. Frankie

    Scientists discover the largest assembly of whale sharks ever recorded

    Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are often thought to be solitary behemoths that live and feed in the open ocean. Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution and colleagues, however, have found that this is not necessarily the case, finding that whale sharks can be gregarious and amass in the...
  16. Frankie

    Let me hear your favorite Youtube song!

    I'll start off with Neil :)
  17. Frankie

    How far can you go?

    Here's one I finished on my first try. Get past 21 and i'll be impressed ;)
  18. Frankie

    Everything a reefer needs to know!

    To be a functioning member of Reef Sanctuary of course! Recently I have been seeing some long term lurkers finally reach out and join up, ask questions or share their wonderful aquariums. It is really refreshing to see! I challenge all you beginners and more experienced reefers out there...
  19. Frankie

    Caribbean black corals date back to jesus

    Marine biologists finally know how many candles to put on the birthday cakes for deep water black coral in the Caribbean Sea. And it seems they'll need a very large cake, since some of the black corals are 2000 years-old. “The fact that the animals live continuously for thousands of years...
  20. Frankie

    When they found nothing, they found Everything!

    Just wishing those of you that celebrate Easter a blessed day! Happy Easter Reef Sanctuary! Frank.