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  1. johnlewis

    So, what do you do for a living??

    Same company new owners, what a blast fromt he past this is.
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    That is sick !
  3. johnlewis

    SPS pics

    Great shots everyone.
  4. johnlewis

    Regal Tang - Cave Dweller??

    Mine will wedge in between rocks as will most tangs but caves are OK, at night. During the day they should be out swimming if not something is wrong.
  5. johnlewis

    noone told me buying a house was this stressful!!!

    The only thing bad for me was the offers that were not accepted because people offered more than the asking price. Now you want to talk difficult try having a home built and picking out every detail, colors, carpet, tile, fixtures, lights etc. You need to know when to stand your ground and when...
  6. johnlewis

    Favorite MH bulb(s)?

    10 K XM SE I would like to see how the 15k's look when I can find them in 250w.
  7. johnlewis

    your tank room pic

    Here is a shot of my fish room. Everything is not done yet but its getting there. I need to finish the support poles, and finish the bathroom. There is a 55 gallon in the wall down the hall to the right of the main display tank that leads to the bathroom.
  8. johnlewis

    Best Reef Snail?

    I have some mexican Turbos as well they clean great but are bulldozers, so I use a mix with astreas.
  9. johnlewis

    Tsunami hits Penang Island (My place)

    I am glad to hear you and your family are OK. Such a tragic loss of life.
  10. johnlewis

    Let's see your zo collection

    Great looking all of them.
  11. johnlewis

    new shots from tank

    Those are some spectacular pictures.
  12. johnlewis

    What is your favorite method of dosing Calcium and Alkalinity?

    I am now using a Ca reactor and Nielson and I have a rock solid PH and Alk. I love it very simple to maintain fill my reactor up once a week with make up water.
  13. johnlewis

    What is in your refugium??

    Right now just some rock and macro algae.
  14. johnlewis

    Lets see your favorite tang!

    Well this Powder Blue was my favorite but died suddenly a week ago. After a pump change over. At this time I must go with the purple I would like to add a Sohal or Vlamingii Tang.
  15. johnlewis

    Ph 8.4

    Well I just checked it before the lights go on for the day and it was at 8.4. Everything looks fine so I am just going to leave it alone.
  16. johnlewis

    RO / DI filters

    Well based on you answers I don't think its going to make a whole lot of difference. The first filter is on your RO/DI is going to last a long time.
  17. johnlewis

    Ph 8.4

    Yes I watched it all day today and it stays at 8.4. Should I try it get it down.
  18. johnlewis

    RO / DI filters

    My first question is do you have a softener ? Second question is the RO/DI before or after the softener ? Do you have a lot of iron in your water ?
  19. johnlewis

    Ph 8.4

    My PH has been running at a solid 8.4 for the past week. I've not tried to get it down yet but I was wondering if it's a problem. My make up water is from my Kalk reactor and I am running a calcium reactor 24x7 not turned on by controller. My reading are from my Milwaukee controller and I've...
  20. johnlewis

    New here

    Nice and welcome