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  1. morbius18

    Poor mans kalk reactor

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use a phosphate/media reactor filled with kalk as a kalk reactor. If you have it set up to an autotop pump, when the pump pumps water into the reactor it will stir the bottom kalk up, and displace the clear top water into the sump. This seems too simple...
  2. morbius18

    XM DE 250 Watt 10K vs 15K vs 20K

    I'm buying a new bulb for my MH fixture and want a new bulb. I don't know what type that I should get. I like a blueish light, but I've read reviews that the 15K suffers from low PAR, and I know that the 20K is lower, so is the best bet the 10K with actinic? Hopefully someone with some...
  3. morbius18

    Vortech MP40W Wave vs Reef Setting

    Does anyone have any opinion as to which setting is better over the long term? I like the wave that I create, but it seems like the reef crest setting is more turbulent and stirs up more debris.
  4. morbius18

    Morbius18's New 90 Reef

    I have never had a tank thread before, so I decided to do one with my new build. This past weekend (10 Jan 09) I purchased a 90 gallon acrylic tank, stand, canopy, sump & chaeto, sand, about 20lbs live rock and a coralife superskimmer for $400. I have to drive about an hour to pick it up. The...
  5. morbius18

    Pacific Lagoon Tank

    I've searched and searched, and cannot seem to find any specific corals to include in a pacific lagoon tank. I know about Euphylliidae family corals would be included (hammer, torch, frogspawn, bubble, fox..) what about other corals? Would zoanthids be appropriate, any specific brains? Any...
  6. morbius18

    Lighting Question for 29 Gal

    I searched and cannot find any specific recommendations. I am adding a 29 gal (standard size) tank to my system. Currently I have a 65 Gal w/ 2x175 10000K MH and 2x 65W Actinic. Attached is a 10 gal refugium and a 30 gallon sump. I was just going to add the 29 gallon to the setup and run on...