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  1. Raf

    Great Barrier Reef corals and fish

    Hi Guys and Gals :) Anyone been to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia OR have books on it that detail some of the fish species and coral species that inhabit it? In terms of fish, I am looking for the more common ones found in stores, so like which chromis, damsels, anthias, angel...
  2. Raf

    Priming filter....grrrrrrrrr!

    Does anyone own or know how to prime an Eheim Wet / Dry External Filter 2227 ??? OR Where to download a manual(I have been looking) thanks a heap if you can help!!!!!
  3. Raf

    Diana's 90 Gallon Reef - updated pics

    Just a few pics to show the progress in my 90. I have almost gotten rid of the diatoms *crosses fingers*.... thank you phosban reactor. Cheers :) -Diana
  4. Raf

    My 220 Gallon FOWLR - updated pics

    Here are some shots of my saltwater fish only with liverock. The most recent addition was the Blue Line angel, and he was still a tad shy during the photo shoot. Diana was kind enough to take these pics. :) Full tank: Cute pic: Lining up for thier din din! Puffy...
  5. Raf


    Sunday photo session :) - You must see this !! - :bugout:
  6. Raf

    Our 90 Gal Reef redone

    Here are some pictures of the new aquascape in our reef tank. My goal was to provide more open swimming space while keeping a natural feel. I re-did it a couple weeks ago, and everything is finally begining to settle in. Some corals are still a little shocked, but nothing too serious. Please...
  7. Raf

    I'm too sexy for my...

    Coral! :D :wave:
  8. Raf

    Durso issue?

    I have a potential problem with this tank I look after. It uses Megaflow overflows with durso standpipes. When we set it up, I guess the floor was a hair unlevel(by about 2mm off on a 6 foot length) and more water seems to be flowing in one overflow than the other. At first, i thought the air...
  9. Raf

    Reef Tank Pics

    Here are just a few pictures I took today of the inhabitants in my 90 gallon reef tank. Enjoy! :) The A. ocellaris clowns breeding... the male and female are taking turns laying the eggs and then fertalizing! Porcelin crab sitting on the brain coral... it looks very comfy! My...
  10. Raf

    Need a species ID...

    I reccently acquired a couple of ponies from my LFS. I lost my original male about a month ago and his lady friend was looking awfully lonely, so I decided to get some more ponies. Anyways, I bought a male and female of what I was told were captive bred H. kuda. (That is at least what it said on...
  11. Raf

    OT - Look what Diana made me buy...

    :D He is a red Min name as of yet. Now we gotta do the retraining thing allllllllllll over again.... :( :lollol: and our other baby playing fetch on the beach :love:
  12. Raf

    Copper and liverock?

    So in a FOWLR. Would a copper treatment using Coppersafe kill the liverock? If so, how bad? Also, would hyposalinity affect liverock, how low must the salinity be to be effective to treat ich? Thanks guys and gals
  13. Raf

    Aiptasia Control Tips?

    So I have this client's tank that is starting to really bug me in terms of Aiptasia thriving in. It is a 170 gallon softy reef with various reef safe fish in it. I service it every 2 weeks and every time I am there I do the usual Joes Juice application to all the aiptasia i can see and...
  14. Raf

    UV Sterilizers?

    Who uses them and how effective are they? How do they work on ich outbreaks?
  15. Raf

    Mexico did inspire us...

    Our recent trip to Cozumel, Mexico inspired us to do something with the 110 gallon which has been sitting with water in it and nothing else for the past 6 months now. Many of the reefs around Cozumel have towering columns of was what inspired us to try something like that in our...
  16. Raf

    OT: The newest baby has arrived....

    now I gotta put her to work(the truck, not Diana LOL!) :D
  17. Raf

    OT: Cozumel (above water) pics :D

    So I already posted some underwater shots of Cozumel's reefs, I thought I would post some of the resort we stayed at as I would HIGHLY reccomend it to anyone wanting a first class stay at reasonable rates. This place was all inclusive, drinks included...we stayed for 7 nights. We stayed at the...
  18. Raf

    Cozumel underwater shots - Part 1

    Well, some of you may have known, Diana and I took off to Cozumel Mexico for a week. As you can imagine we got a lot of pics! I made some 300 underwater shots alone!! Anyways, I thought I would share a sample. Part 1 was shot at Palancar Reef Gardens and Columbia reef, some of the largest...
  19. Raf

    OT: Off to Mexico! See ya!

    See ya in a week guys and gals, we are off to Cozumel! Will take lots of pics including underwater photos. Talk soon Raf and Diana :)
  20. Raf

    Bad blenny bad!

    pic taken from: So my client's bicolor blenny is eating her corals according to her. She says it munches on the frogspawn and pulls it out of its skeleton as if its lettuce! Anybody heard of this before? :drool...