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  1. Dentoid

    OT: Libations For Your Enjoyment

    Happy Hour-Post your Favorite Drink Recipes This thread is dedicated to those special drink recipes! :yummy: Keep it clean and be tactful with the names of the drinks. It can be a summer cooler a fall ade or a winter warmer. It can be alcoholic or non alcoholic. You choose.
  2. Dentoid

    My Little Mandarin

    Well folks I have broken a cardinal rule and I don't care! Well, I do care but I couldn't let it be. I went to the LFS today for a look see and I find this juvenile spotted mandarin in a 10 gallon tank with a fist sized piece of LR. It was so emaciated, but still had some spunk to him. He...
  3. Dentoid

    Blue Spots for $99 At Live Aquaria

    Diver's Den® Fish: WYSIWYG Saltwater Fish
  4. Dentoid

    Anthony Calfo Is In The House!

    That's right, Anthony Calfo will be speaking to our local reef club (WAMAS) this Saturday. You know who else is going to be there? Me! :D
  5. Dentoid

    Long Nose Hawkfish Necropsy

    Recently I lost my Long Nose hawkfish after nearly 2 years in my tank. About 4 weeks ago I noticed that he/she wasn't eating. For the first 2 weeks I noticed that it would get excited at meal time but wouldn't take in any food. I tried live mysis, live saltwater grass shrimp, live amphipods...
  6. Dentoid

    Clam Help!

    I awoke this morning to find that Spotty my BSJF had moved burrows and half buried my Maxima clam. I guess in the clams effort to get out from under the sand it bailed on its byssal apparatus. When I got this clam back in Sept '07 it was attached to a man made plaster disk. During the months...
  7. Dentoid

    Problem with Colt Coral!

    My Colt coral has taken a turn for the worse over night! It looks like it is decaying right before my eyes. There have been no sudden changes in the water chemistry, temperature or salinity. It was close to a Duncan coral that may have stung it. Should I remove this coral?
  8. Dentoid

    Aquarium Water Testing (AWT)

    I decided to do a one time water chemistry test from Aquarium Water Testing to compare their results to my results using Salifert tests. In essence to see how close I am interpreting the color charts. I have always thought interpreting the color charts to be highly subjective. So here are my...
  9. Dentoid

    Where in the World is Dr. Hank?

    Haven't seen Jim around. Anyone know how he is dong?
  10. Dentoid

    Stunning Nudibranch Photos

    Take a look these breathtaking photographs by National Geographic's acclaimed underwater photographer David Doubilet. Under "Photography", click on "David Doubilet Photography" for all the pictures! :drooool: Nudibranchs - National Geographic Magazine
  11. Dentoid

    Sick Morning Dove Found

    My wife and I just found a morning dove in our backyard that is very lethargic and apparently sick. It's alive, but doesn't respond much to our touch. We have been able to examine it and have found no physical problems. Is there anything we can do to help it? It's heartbreaking.:(
  12. Dentoid

    BSJF Necropsy (GRAPHIC)

    I have taken an interest in looking for possible causes of death in the BSJF. I was fortunate to be given a deceased BS by RS member 30X30 for microscopic examination. Here are my findings. This BS, like many before it, suddenly stopped eating, developed changes in skin coloration (white...
  13. Dentoid

    Pharmaceuticals In Public Drinking Water.

    The National news is reporting that high levels of pharmaceuticals, including hormones, have been discovered in public waterways and drinking water. Apparently the water treatment plants are not able to filter them out because they are not equipped to do so. Home filter systems are not able to...
  14. Dentoid

    Longnose Hawk Pair

    This is a great deal. Don't see this often!
  15. Dentoid

    Happy Valentines Day Rs '08

    Wanted to wish everyone a happy and chocolate filled Valentine's Day. Share this time with the one you love and your your tank! I loce you all! :heart:
  16. Dentoid

    Saturday at Mr. Coral

    This past Saturday I met up with some of our most illustrious members at Mr. Coral in Frederick, Maryland! If you haven't had a chance to see Mr. Coral you should make plans to make a special trip, it's well worth it! Great to see you guys, hope you got a lot of nice pieces, I know I did!:D...
  17. Dentoid

    March '08 Photo Contest

    It's photo contest time again! March's photo contest theme will be "Show Us Your Shrimp!" The winner will receive a $30 Gift Certificate to the RS Sponsor of your choice donated by DrHank (Jim)! Thanks Jim! In addition, the winning photo will be paraded on our home page for one month...
  18. Dentoid

    API Nitrate Test

    The instructions say to add 10 drops of bottle 1, shake, then shake 2nd bottle for 30 sec and add 10 drops then shake the vial for 1 minute. Why all the mixing? Is it because of the viscosity of the reagents, or some other reason?
  19. Dentoid

    Any Opinions on Red Sea Pro Salt?

    I got a sample at MACNA and wanted to use it. Anyone got any opinions or experience with Red Sea Pro Reef Salt?
  20. Dentoid

    Northeast Coral-A Review

    I had the priviledge of working with ScubaDrew on ordering some corals from his new site. The ordering process was simple and I found the site well laid out. Drew worked closely with me during the ordering process to make sure that things when smoothly. He was in communication with me both...