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    Lion Fish Pic

    Just wanted to share a pic of Lionel my Dwarf lion
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    OT I got a new puppy !!

    On Friday I needed to put my username sake down due to old age :( Today through Illinois Dobe Rescue we adopted a new doberpuppy His name is Casper and is a 9-12 month old fawn doberman.
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    Are these Hydroids?

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    Using the New Posts button

    Is there any way that threads I've viewed still show up in the new posts search? It's kinda annoying that after I've read it it disapears instead of just showing up as a read post. many times I think of a reply to a thread later and I can't find them again
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    Trouble with Sharkeys Reef

    Just a heads up and venting about horrible customer service Back in February I linked a friend of mine the thread here at RS about : Welcome selling off store front stuff She...
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    Just wanted to share

    some pics
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    Photo tips for Nikon D80 needed

    I just got a Nikon D80 and it's way over my head. Any tips or settings you guys can recommend for me to play around with? I will be taking some classes the camera store offers coming up but I want some good pics NOW :yup:
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    My 5.5g nano

    I don't think I've ever posted about this tank here so since it's too cold to go outside I figured I'd start a chonicle for it The tank has been set up since 10-2005 - redone in Jan 2007 and being revamped again now Here it is in it's neglected ugly glory
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    A few Pics

    A Lion in a reef tank ???
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    Date and Time

    Is there a way to set the date and time on posts? I really don't like the yesterday's and so many hours ago. I looked at my user CP but didn't see it as an option. It hasn't always been like this has it :bugout: and I never noticed before the last week or so
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    OT - Halloween Costume Thread

    My Daughter Violet tried on her costume today she was hamming it up for the camera so I thought I'd share Any other costumes out there yet?
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    Just a few Pictures

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    Kelli's 24g nano cube

    This tank has been set up since 2-2005 I recently became tired of it and with a little help from Phoenix (Thanks Whiskey) it got a make over. This is before. It was completely overgrown with Xenia and Green star polyps and I kept buying Zoos with no place to put them.
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    Are these snail eggs?

    Are these snail eggs? The only snails I have are Nassarius, stometella and Astraea I've seen pics of the white zigzags that are snail eggs but these are goldish brown dots
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    Dasya Iridescens

    Boomer ID'd this for me a while back I can't find any information at all on this algae it's really cool and keeps getting bigger I'd like to find out more about it
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    Nudi ID

    All of the sudden I have found a few of these I'm assuming they are nudibranch. Any one have a better ID?
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    Just a few pics and tank Updates

    I was bored this weekend so I decided to take a few pics and thought I would share :) This is my 95
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    Any Ideas?

    This just showed up in my 5.5g nano any ideas what it is? and a close up Thanks
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    Kelli's 95 gallon

    The new set up is a 95g corner pent from Clarity Plus we have a 45g sump/fuge in the basement below the tank The filtration will be an ecosystems style fuge set up right now I just have 65# of "partially cured" figi live rock The tank will mainly be a softie tank within the next week or...
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    OT Are you Ready for some Football!!!

    Violet and Daddy ready for the Bears 1st reg season game!!!