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  1. luisgo

    Recent photos of my 125 reef

    These pics are three months after a mayor upgrade. All with my Nikon D60. Some with the Nikor zoom18-105mm and some with a Nikor AI-S manual macro 105mm. Lighting – 2 - 175w 20k Plusrite MH, 2 – VHS’s 1-Superactinic, 1-454, Ice cap ballasts, Digikits led moonlights. Sump – SWC Extreme 200...
  2. luisgo

    Macro photos of my perculas with their eggs!

    On Wednesday 17, I discovered that my percula clowns had eggs in a rock again. This is not the first time. The first photo was on that day with my Nikon D60, Nikkor zoom lens 18-135mm with the camera flash, 1/80 sec., f5.6, handheld. The first days is like a mass of orange eggs...
  3. luisgo

    MACNA XXI 2009 Slideshows lot of pics!

    Here are two links to photos of MACNA XXI Three days of pure fun and excitement. My friend Oliver and myself from Puerto Rico enjoyed the show. Here you will see pictures of the booths, corals and more corals, equipments, the speakers, workshops and even the reception party with the “Nerds”...
  4. luisgo

    My webpage, Webcam and many photos

    Recently I decided to enter a photo on the Reef Sanctuary photo contest for November and I won the first place. I included a link to my webpage where I have many photos and a webcam of my 125 gallon reef. This is the link to my webpage with the webcam. Luisgo Aquariums Some users asked...
  5. luisgo

    My first post - and may Reef 125 Gal

    Hi, First time in the forum. I have a 125 gal reef tank and here is a photo. I will be posting more photos in the future. I live in Puerto Rico By luisgon