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  1. brikeibur

    Pre-Spawning Clownfish Behavior

    Caught a vid of my clownfish cleaning a clam shell. I read they do this before spawning. They clean an area to prepare it for where the eggs will be laid. We are very excited to see this as our smallest clownfish we sort of got accidentally. We purchased a 90g not too long ago because we...
  2. brikeibur

    HELP - Shrinking Zoas & not opening

    Well guys its strange. If you recall I was having issues with my brown button polyps. They were closing up and looking like they were beating eaten or just were decomposing....shrinking away to nothing and then end up with holes in them and such. I did a freshwater dip on them and they...
  3. brikeibur

    Reef Octopus Skimmer Advice Please

    So I am debating on which Reef Octopus skimmer to get for my system. I have a 76g half circle tank with a 30g sump filled about 1/2 full, so around 90g of water total. The skimmer will go into the sump (no hang on or external as there is no room under my stand). I do not know the...
  4. brikeibur

    Sick Button Polyps - Zoa Pox??

    Ok, so I noticed yesterday little white dots on my Brown Button Polyps, and one of them had a brown goop hovering above it, while two or three more were white and looked 'decayed' or something. I don't know how I did not notice this sooner, but somehow or other I completely missed it. There...
  5. brikeibur

    What's wrong with my Ric??

    So I noticed yesterday that my ric wasn't as fluffed up as usual, but I figured it was because one of my pesky hermits had walked across it, as they so frequently do... :mad: Today though, it is still shriveled and has 'something' coming out of it or connected to it, or something. I'm not...
  6. brikeibur

    How can I get rid of a Eunicid Hitchhiker??

    I think I have one of these, a Eunicid worm: (picture taken from here: Worm Hitch Hikers) The site said this about them: So my thoughts are, that I want it out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove this thing, as it is inside a rock and is EASILY scared and runs...
  7. brikeibur this tentacled oddity??!!

    Ok, so I noticed one of our hermit crabs grabbing at something the other day. I began watching closely and it almost seemed like a worm, but upon further inspection, it seems to be a long thin tentacle coming from a small whitish blob that was under a rock. I managed to get some photos of it...
  8. brikeibur

    Need Advice on Lighting - Halide/Actinic Combo

    Ok, so I am working on setting up a 76G half circle tank with the following dimensions: 76 Gal. L 45.5 x W 25 x H 23 I recently purchased the following lights for the tank: 2 x 250watt Metal Halide HQI Retro Kit (it comes with the two reflectors, protective shields, two 250 watt double...
  9. brikeibur

    red bubble algae?

    So I have some red bubble algae (I'm assuming) growing in my has been in there for some time now, and has spread, to about 2 different locations on opposite sides of the tank, but now it seems to be stabile. Not spreading, but not dying either. Just content being where it is...
  10. brikeibur

    unknown hitchhiker, is it reef safe??

    We found this hitchhiker lurking around our tank after all the lights went off...
  11. brikeibur

    Updated Pictures of my 6 Gallon Nano

  12. brikeibur

    Recommendations for fish in 6 Gallon

    I have a 6 Gallon Nano at my office with about 6lbs of live rock and I would like to put 1 fish in it,, can you guys make any recommendations? I really would like to get a bi-color pseudo but i'm not sure how it would do in such a small tank..
  13. brikeibur

    What is this??

    Does anyone know what kind of coral this is??? Here it is at night when the lunars are on: And here it is with the main lights on during the day. It really 'opens' up:
  14. brikeibur

    ideas for another tank, 30 gallon high

    Everyone, I have a 30 gallon tank sitting in a closet in my house. I am hoping to get some interesting ideas of how to set it up. I definitely want this to be low cost and easily maintained, maybe I will just throw some fresh water fish in it, or make it a damsel tank. What do you guys think?
  15. brikeibur

    **Brian and Stacy's Reef Experience**

    Ok, so after looking through some other reef stories in this forum I decided I needed one of my own. This is not our first endeavor into the saltwater world, but it is our first endeavor into a 'reef' system. A few years ago we owned a nice 100G saltwater 'fish-only' aquarium. It was filled...
  16. brikeibur

    Pink wee 'lil hitcher.....????

    Ok, here are two photos of the hitcher. It is a light pink fleshy color. In the day it comes out and is bubble shaped with four 'prongs' sticking out the top. Each prong has little mini-tentacles coming off of it (about 5 or so). At night however, its sucks up and just looks like a little...
  17. brikeibur

    Thoughts on what fish to get.....

    Ok, so I have got a 24G tank and am contemplating what fish to get. I will later add a few corals and perhaps a sponge or two to brighten it up. It will still be a while as I want to go slow and get only one or two fish/corals at a time, but here are my thoughts thus far (I would like to know...
  18. brikeibur

    Is this an anemone?

    Heya, I got a hitchhiker in my tank and I have been told by the LFS to get rid of it, but they don't even know what it looks like, so I wanted to post it here and get your opinions on it. Does anyone know what it is and if its ok to have? When it gets spooked it draws up into one bubble and...
  19. brikeibur

    Chromi's eye is bulging...

    Ok, so here's the skinny.... I have a 24G Nano that has been set up for about 6 weeks now. All levels seem to be fine. I have 2 green chromis some crabs and a feather duster. I previously had a dottyback and a pygmy angel. The pygmy died due to a combination of being constantly picked at by...
  20. brikeibur

    Taking Photos of the Fish/Tank

    This may have been addressed already on another thread, if so I'm sorry please just point me in the right direction. Anyways, I was curious on pointers some of you may have on taking pics of your tank and the fish and stuff. I have taken some pics that aren't bad, but when I look in the photo...