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  1. cbrownfish

    Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Reef-a-holic

    Too many hobbies, hard to keep up with all the formums. I have greatly neglected reefsanctuary! Hahahaha!
  2. cbrownfish

    Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Reef-a-holic

    My name is still Ron and I am still a reef-a-holic! Downsizing from my full blown system to a NanoCube. :D
  3. cbrownfish

    250W DE Halide Bulb

    I only run the Phoenix 14K 250W DE's over my display and frag rack. Highly recommend them.
  4. cbrownfish

    ??? Eric Borneman Arrested ????

    That is how it was posted in my local reef forum - "officer, I was looking for my fish" or something like that. LOL
  5. cbrownfish

    ??? Eric Borneman Arrested ????

    Not everyone heard at the time apparently (me for one). Why does TruTV run "caught on tape" or "Dumbest Criminals" over and over? Cause it is FUNNY. Hey here is my thought - if ya play hard and do dumb things, then you have to be willing to deal with the consequences.
  6. cbrownfish

    PH help

    Consistency is the most important consideration regarding pH. The pH of our reef tank is typically handcuffed to the CO2 levels in our homes. You will notice that your pH often drops on days when the outside temp is mild, especially in the spring/fall, as your HVAC does not run as much and CO2...
  7. cbrownfish

    ??? Eric Borneman Arrested ????

    I was like 18 when I jumped in random pools. :apimp: Hard to say what is going on there but it was entertaining when I read about it on my local reef forum this morning! :drunk:
  8. cbrownfish

    Coral help

    What type of SPS? Montipora? Acropora? There are several possibilities based on the description.......tiny pests can eradicate corals, high alkalinity can burn SPS from the top down, fish picking (Angel, Dwarf Angel, Foxface, etc)......
  9. cbrownfish

    Pectinia coral

    Can you specify which one you have specifically? Some are intermediate in care level but others are very difficult. A pic would be good as well, since misidentification is also common in the hobby.
  10. cbrownfish

    Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Reef-a-holic

    Whew, I have been slack! Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Reef-a-holic MEETING COME TO ORDER!
  11. cbrownfish

    "Why are my Zoanthids closed?" - Care, Pests, and Troubleshooting

    In case any concerned Zoa keepers missed this.....
  12. cbrownfish

    Why cant I keep candy canes alive?

    Quite possibly your other corals are toxic to the candy cane or some water parameter is skewed. What is you tank stocked with? How heavily is it stocked? Can you describe your water parameters and set up?
  13. cbrownfish

    Starfish ID

    Common Florida Starfish (Echinaster Sentus) Stock Photo Image New Page 1
  14. cbrownfish

    Goo on my Zoo??

    This is a condition sometimes nicknamed "cheesing out". Essentially, it is a fungus resulting from rapid die off within this coral colony. It is likely that the lack of light or another irritant stressed out your coral. While I would definitely have recommended the iodine dip, don't do any more...
  15. cbrownfish

    Hi, my name is Ron and I am a Reef-a-holic

    Nice stuff Rhodes! Cute little Fungia.
  16. cbrownfish

    Stubborn algae may be green cyano? any advice would be appreciated

    When discussing Cyanobacteria, organic matter is largely to blame in the case of Cyano. I have run GFO/Purigen/media until my SPS corals turned white and Softies started to die from lack of N & P.....yet Cyano remained. I firmly believe that excess organic matter, like common detritus, is one of...
  17. cbrownfish

    Old School vs New School: Flow or Not to Flow

    I think the newer approach is focused on using a separate flow source to avoid a single point of failure. In the past, people would push a lot of flow using their return pump or closed loop but they end up with a major issue if said pump goes down. If you have multiple flow sources, a single...
  18. cbrownfish

    New Reef Parasite!

    Welcome to the addiction, there is help! The club for you -- 12 steps for reef-a-holics --...
  19. cbrownfish

    What kind of algae is this??

    Yep, it is green cyano (BGA). This particular strain is a bit tougher to manually remove than the reddish strains. I recommend manually removing with a toothbrush and using a turkey baster to blast organics off your rocks.
  20. cbrownfish

    How Often to Replace Light Bulbs?

    I change my Halides at 8-9 months.