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  1. Wrangy

    The Stony Shallows

    Introduction: Guess what guys and gals, it's here! After a few months of sorting out permissions and getting the tank ready, it's in and it's wet!! The very first thing I want to be noted about this build is the insurmountable amount of gratitude and thanks to Andrew :) Not only has the poor...
  2. Wrangy

    The Sunlight Dilemma

    Earlier today there was a post on one of the Facebook pages regarding tank placement, sunlight and the negative effects that could be had due to placing a tank near a window. This is still a very widespread and unfounded belief in the hobby, that if your tank is near a window or somewhere where...
  3. Wrangy

    Wrangy's Radium Reef

    Introduction: With a new upgrade in sight I thought I might make the first post to begin the official and documented planning of the new tank :) I will hopefully be getting the tank this week which means ther should hopefully be some pictures to go with all the shitty ramblings that I'm about to...
  4. Wrangy

    From LED's to MH/T5

    So as many of you know and are aware of I am a huge fan of the misunderstood creature that is reef capable LED lighting, what you may not realise is it wasn't always this way. When I first walked into a LFS and starting to seriously look at my new potential tank and the things I would need, I...
  5. Wrangy

    Photo Editing For Reefing Glory - How To

    Alrighty so a few peeps on this lovely forum have some questions and problems with taking blue light shots (this will also greatly help with regular lighting shots too!!). This is largely stolen from a post that @Biggles made so credit goes to him, I'm just changing things up for a post here :)...
  6. Wrangy

    The Flame Hawkfish Mating Journal

    So as I'm sure many are well aware I have and adore my flame hawkfish (Neocirrhites armatus) and that I recently restarted the tank and am back at only having three fish in the tank. One thing I've always adored is the look of a pair of hawkfish (espcially longnose hawks!), combine this with the...
  7. Wrangy

    Coral Morphologic: Coral City

    Two of the best videos on corals and the Florida reef's I've watched in quite some time! Well worth sitting down and watching the entire thing :) Coral Morphologic latest audio/visual reef spectacular, "Coral City"
  8. Wrangy

    Wrangy's 50 Gallon ZEOvit Rebirth

    Introduction: As many of you know I've been running my little cube for just shy of 2 years now and it's been one heck of an awesome ride. Plenty of up's and down's but more than enjoyable in the end. Due to some continually niggling problems that the tank had been having, I decided that a...
  9. Wrangy

    New Light Choices!

    Okie Dokie, so as it's now looking more and more likely that I'll be buying a pretty new tank :D I'm bringing over all my equipment so at least I don't need to spend anymore than I already should lol but lights are something that will need revisiting as a single 60cm blaze unit is not going to...
  10. Wrangy

    750x750x500 Stocking Opinions

    So I'm more than very likely upgrading my tank and it's going to be a 750x750x500mm tank with external overflow and a larger sump with strong skimming and zeovit. The tank will continue being an sps dominated tank with some zoa's and ric's coral-wise and clams are a big centre point too. I'm...
  11. Wrangy

    Deepwater Acro's

    So who's got them and what do you do to keep these babies happy!! I'm getting some a. lokani soon and then if that goes alright some of the more rare a. jacquelineae and I was wondering how many of you folk have them and how happy they are!! :) Pic's are definitely more than welcome!
  12. Wrangy

    FTS Chronicle Thread

    So as my tank has just turned one, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to the changing of tanks and how they mature over the years. I would love it if everyone was to join in, even if your tank is only a few months old!! I would love to run the thread like this...
  13. Wrangy

    ZEOvit User's Thread

    Hey guys and gals, As I know there are now a few of us that are running full ZEOvit systems and some of us dosing specifics or on the side, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread specifically for any users of zeo or people with any questions or looking for any particular...
  14. Wrangy

    Something For The Aussie's!

    As I know there are a few of us floating around from the wonderful world of Down Under, I thought I'd make this post to see how many of you I can drag along! :p As some of you may know, Australia has finally got itself an Aquarium Expo!! :D While it may not be ANYTHING like or ANYWHERE near...
  15. Wrangy

    New Informative Post

    So I have a little time on my hands at the moment and would love to do some reef/aquarium related writing :) Is there anything anyone would like to hear or read about, I'd love to do some serious research and info gathering! I'm happy for any topic, whether it be equipment, fish, coral, care or...
  16. Wrangy

    Peninsula Reef Inspiration

    So as my excitement increases about the new tank and setting it up :p I've started looking for inspiration with the rockwork as I've never thought about some visible from both sides or tried the peninsula route of a reef :) I'm seriously looking forward to doing this and creating something...
  17. Wrangy

    Wrangy's 13g Nano

    I've already mentioned in my other thread (Wrangy's CADE HL600) I plan on starting a 2"x1"x1" 13g (52L) nano tank in the new year to keep a couple of fish that I'm not able to keep in my main tank and also because I'd love another reef :yup: The fish list for this tank is purely based on a...
  18. Wrangy

    Corals & Your Tank

    I posted this in the Red Sea Max Owners Club earlier on last week, so some of you will have already read this, but I realised that there are a lot of newbies that wouldn't see it down there so I thought I'd post it here as well :) I hope it can help everyone out in any way even if only a little...
  19. Wrangy

    Corals & Your Tank

    The following posts/articles are about the corals in your tank and what is required of you in the beginning to ready your tank for some new additions and then some of the ways to keep them all happy and healthy. An overview of what the different types are and some examples of these corals is...
  20. Wrangy

    In depth informative topic?

    As I love this hobby so much, RS, all you guys and helping everyone out as you have all helped me, I was thinking about writing an in depth topic on something and would love to get some opinions on what to do :) Anything to do with any living creature (fish, coral, algae or whatever) or anything...