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  1. PootyTang

    Hitchhiker Crab

    Hey Trying to figure out what this crab is. Furry doesn't seem good to me, and it has black tips on its claws, but it didn't seem to look like a Teddy Bear or Gorilla. In either case, will probably bring it to the LFS ASAP. Thanks!
  2. PootyTang

    PT's CoralPalooza

    Thought I would post some pictures of my 29 that started up about a year ago. I had some fish in there (a couple wrasses and clowns) but extended time away meant I had to give them away. For now I'm just keeping the tank with corals and a few inverts who don't need to be fed regularly. Other...
  3. PootyTang

    A Different Kind of Reef

    So it's time to start a new tank. It's getting close to 4 years now that I've had a 125 gallon reef, and for 2 of those years I also had a 30 gallon reef. I've decided now to start a new tank, it will be a 29 gallon FOWLR tank, but I'm also planning on including a set-up from...
  4. PootyTang

    HLLE or Trigger Bite

    I just want to check with everyone to get an opinion on what this might be on my blue-sided fairy wrasse. It came on pretty suddenly and it looks inflammed; not what I've read about HLLE. I also have other fish that would be more susceptible to HLLE (ie. hepatus tang) who don't have any...
  5. PootyTang

    Diving in Maui (PICTURES!)

    This past summer I went to Maui with my girlfriend and her family. We took every chance we could to go diving, even going diving in the Maui Ocean Center's Shark Tank, and I snapped some pictures I thought I would share with everyone.
  6. PootyTang

    Chronicle of a Recovery; With Pics

    So now that the crisis is over, I've begun to rebuild. Admittedly, it's a bit late to start a chronicle as things are going along pretty well, but I thought I would just show how things went along. I don't have any pics of the actual crisis (I was too busy and too upset when we were taking out...
  7. PootyTang


    So there's really no rush for this, some of you may know I'm recovering from a crash, but I'm trying to think long-term to get my hopes up. I've always wanted an Achilles tang, but my LFS says that they are notoriously hard to keep. This compounded with the fact that LiveAquaria classifies...
  8. PootyTang

    Emergency Naso Tang

    Hi, I need some help as quick as possible. I took out one of the rocks in my 125 to scrub it down with a bit of fresh water and get all the hair algae off. For the rest of the day, the naso tang ate fine and seemed ok, but for about 15-20 minutes now he's been swimming vertically at the top of...
  9. PootyTang

    Up Close and Personal With my 125

    These are some macro/close-ups with my Canon Powershot SD780 IS.
  10. PootyTang

    Brown Scum IDENTIFIED. With Picture

    So I posted a question here some time ago about a brown scum building up on the surface of the water. Some people thought it was protein (as did my LFS) but I was pretty sure that I was getting enough water movement/skimming that it shouldn't be protein so I checked it out. Anyway, its not...
  11. PootyTang

    Brown Algae or Protein?

    Hi, So in my 30 gallon reef tank I'm getting alot of very small brown circles floating on top of my water. When anything goes into the tank (including my hand), they stick to it and just rinse off. I suspected protein originally and so I put a Remora skimmer on there (rated up to 75 gallons)...
  12. PootyTang


    So come this next summer I will be moving everything out of my 125 tank (5') into a new, LONGER 125 (6'). I plan on using the existing 125 as a sump and thus the lights will be going with it and I will need lights for the 6'. I have done quite a bit of research on LEDs and I think of all my...
  13. PootyTang

    Culligan Water

    So I've decided to start using Culligan water for my tank and I was wondering if there is chlorine in the water? Should I be treating the water or letting it sit overnight to evaporate the chlorine?
  14. PootyTang

    Blacklight Photography (with pictures)

    Hey everyone! So I've wanted to do this for quite some time, but never got around to it until tonight. These pictures are of my oc. clown hosting in my Aussie elegance. All the tank lights are off, and I'm holding a small pocket UV light. The effect on the coral is amazing, though...
  15. PootyTang

    Little Brown, Flat, Stupid, Annoying Worms!

    So I imagine other people have had this problem before and I was looking for possible solutions. I have quite a few small, brown flatworms on my euphylia and I was wondering about possible removal options? I have iodine, so I can treat them with that, I was just wondering if there are any fish...
  16. PootyTang

    Ity Bity

    So I know this is kind of a weird question, and a very scientific one to be asking on a reef site, but does anyone know of any stains that are good for observing diatoms under a microscope? I've got the scope at home and I'll order the stain on eBay, but I have no idea which to use. I thought...
  17. PootyTang

    How do you enter the Photo Of the Month Contest?

    Title kinda says it all
  18. PootyTang

    PootyTang's 30 Gallon Post-Build PICS!

    So I realize that a chronicle is supposed to start at the BEGINNING of the build, but I just wanted to post some pics of my tank to be completely honest, get some opinions, suggestions, any input really. so here's the pictures: Here's the whole tank, for the rest of the pics, keep in mind my...
  19. PootyTang

    Coolest fish for a 30 gallon

    So I will be taking my coral beauty back to the LFS tomorrow because it's picking at my corals. I've been looking around for cool fish that could replace it and was wondering if anyone had suggestions. My only requirements are that it be usually coral safe and not a predator on small fish.
  20. PootyTang

    A Many-Armed Sea Monster?

    This is just a quick question to make me feel better. I recently discovered what appears to be a juvinile basket star in my 125 gallon. It hangs off a branching gorgonian all day and at night I see its arms spread out. Right now, its about an inch in diameter, but its grown about a half inch...