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  1. Pat24601

    Ants Ants Ants!!!!

    This story has nothing to do with fish, but it reminded of one of @Paul B stories, so I thought I'd share. So, I live in Georgia now where they make real bugs. I spent most of my life up north and I only thought I knew what bugs were. Once I moved to Georgia, I saw scorpions, cockroaches the...
  2. Pat24601

    Comprehensive Marine Quarantine

    @Oxylebius , I’m responding to your post on Comprehensive Marine Quarantine here because it really seemed to warrant its own thread. QUOTE="Oxylebius, post: 1338723, member: 37511"]Comprehensive Marine Quarantine - Transfer Method II and Hyposalinity...
  3. Pat24601

    I have the wimpiest fish in the ocean!!!

    Well, aquarium hobby now, I guess. I just moved my Pearlscale butterfly from my "QT" tank into my "observation" tank with my Raccoon butterfly. Both will go into the Display Tank in a couple of weeks. However, without seeing any signs of aggression between the two at all in the last 24 hours...
  4. Pat24601

    Is this Auriga OK or is this a problem?

    This Auriga is new and has been in an observation tank for about a month now. I actually thought he was "clean", but all the sudden he has this on his tail. Seems to be acting fine. Eating fine. Thoughts?
  5. Pat24601

    HELP! Trilobite Not Eating!!!

    I just added a new trilobite to my tank and he is not eating. He’s just sitting on the live rock and is very lethargic. Any ideas what is wrong? He is limestone colored.
  6. Pat24601

    Is getting one clown “bad”?

    I don’t really want any clowns, but my kids want Nemo. I’m either going to set up a Nemo tank (out of a biocube) OR I’d like to get clown fish for my main tank. I really would prefer to have my main tank have only less commonly kept fish, but I also don’t like maintaining a whole tank just for...
  7. Pat24601

    Tank Transfer Method for Ich Treatment

    While I'm not strictly speaking a beginner to saltwater, having been in the hobby for 4 years, I did just recently come upon my first ever instance of having to treat for Marine Ich. While there are many aspects to this "learning experience" that I think could be worth sharing, one thing I...
  8. Pat24601

    Puffers compatible with butterflies?

    Liveaquaria says yes, but puffers are such nippy fish something about it nags at me. I’m looking for second opinions. My plan is to have the centerpiece fish in my tank by an Auriga and Racoon butterfly. I’m considering adding either a Valentini or a blue spotted puffer. This won’t be for...
  9. Pat24601

    Should I put my Flame Angel with my Racoon Butterfly?

    So, I have an "observation" tank with a Racoon Butterfly in it and I have a "Quarantine Tank" with a Flame Angel in it. My display tank is in a fallow period after a Marine Ich outbreak. Both fish are healthy AFAIK. My "observation" tank is clearly larger being a 32 gallon biocube than my...
  10. Pat24601

    Quarantine Corals and Snails?

    I thought I'd get opinions on this. As I did detailed research on Marine Ich (e.g. reading Lee's old posts on this forum among many others), one of the things that caught my attention is that a purist/conservative strategy with regards to Marine Ich would be to quarantine ANYTHING wet...
  11. Pat24601

    New fish QT procedure

    As I’ve mentioned before, I keep a fully cycled tank up and running for the purpose of using as a QT tank. Until recently, my QT process was really more of an “observation” tank than anything else, In other words, I put a new fish in there and if it doesn’t grow an extra head or something, I...
  12. Pat24601

    Marine Ich : Treatment Alternatives

    Hi! I hope it’s OK if I moved your question from this thread to here. I didn’t want to get folks distracted by that old thread. First of all let me say that there aren’t going to be easy answers on the topic of Marine Ich. Basically, there are lots of solutions with pros and cons. I’ll also...
  13. Pat24601

    CHEMetrics Copper Test Kit Review

    I came across a copper test kit that I think is amazing. It's so much better than any of the others I've used. When I ran a search on these forums, I didn't find any mention of it here, so I thought I'd do a review for these forums. The TL;DR version of this review is this test kit is...
  14. Pat24601

    Is this a good acclimation box?
  15. Pat24601

    Two Flame Angels

    So, I've been scouring my various LFS for a Flame Angel I like the coloration of. They are VERY popular at my main LFS and basically for about a month or two now anytime I go there they sold out of their entire shipment or what's left over are the picked over B grade specimens. So, I went to a...
  16. Pat24601

    Blue spotted jawfish

    They look pretty, but are they hard to keep or have compatibility issues? I’ve read mixed things about them. I’m looking to get something like them. Any other suggestions on gobies or maybe something like the Midas Blenny I should look into?
  17. Pat24601

    Butterfly Aggression

    So, I don't really have a lot of experience with this because I've gone out of my way to avoid it in the past. But, as I mentioned in my tank thread, I just added a raccoon butterfly fish to a tank which had an Auriga butterfly for about a week. I had decided against that because of fears of...
  18. Pat24601

    Merry Christmas!

    It’s been a great 4 years (and counting) with all of you! Great bunch of people to share saltwater experiences with (and otherwise)!
  19. Pat24601

    What should I do with my flamehawk?

    This is going to be a silly question, but it’s something I don’t have a lot of experience with. I love flamehawk fish. In my previous tank, the one I had had so much personality he was amazing to watch. However, on my current tank, my flamehawk appears to be very shy. He spent about a month...
  20. Pat24601

    A Purple Reef, Real Reef, CaribSea Shapes Rock Review

    For a long time the idea of man-made live rock has really appealed to me. While there are many advantages, the two that really appeal to me the strongest are the lack of environmental impact on our reefs and being hitchhiker and parasite free. The easy cycle as well as some other benefits are...