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  1. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    Full tank
  2. PSU4ME

    PSU’s Peninsula

    Figured I’d add a few updates. Tank has hit its stride and things are stabilizing nicely. I have mostly all equipment running that I want but I’m still considering adding a kalk reactor. I just added about 30 sps frags, 2 acantrophyllia and a wilsoni. Removed two large torches, a kwazulu...
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    Nobby's S-650

    Those are great test results and if they’ve been constant, your tank must be moving it!!
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    HELP! Some hammers for sale

    Thread is about 2 years old, might not be available anymore
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    Need help identifying invasion

    Take a look for mojano nems….. that’s what it looks like to me
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    What is your fish tank theme?

    I think you build a tank around what you plan to keep, that’s 80% of it. The other 20% can be personal preference. Since my tank is 5’, I wanted a sloping look into an island. What I got when installing the rock was, eh, close.
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    Do you have a favorite special fish?

    Most of my fish in the tank are purpose fish so hard to pic one but I can saw that wrasses are my favorite type of fish!
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    Clown fish

    Can you give us some background on the fish and your setup? @Humblefish - thoughts?
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    I want to have my reef tank water tested,,,I live in mexico. Is it possible to get the water to you for testing by dhl

    Hmm I’m not sure I’ve seen that question before. You might wanna reach out to the company on that one unless someone here knows.
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    Reef advice and help

    What are you trying to accomplish with the tank? Sandbed looks thin and rocks look like they are in the low side as well. If you want a reef more than a FOWLR than I’d add more. After that you can gauge flow, lighting and water quality
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    Nobby's S-650

    Any diving videos?
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    HELP! Un level tank

    I don’t see why you can’t with the tank on it, just a bit heavier assuming it’s not full of water
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    Reef tank update + new sump

    Looks pretty clean for 1.5 years. What are you keeping in it?
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    Red sea max 130d

    I run a T5 radion combo
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    Red sea max 130d

    You can make them or there are a few places online that make specialty ones. I use one from clearview lids
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    HELP! Bulkead and plumbing help

    I agree as well, likey the returns are the 3/4”. Tough setup there with only a single drain as I’d prefer to have an emergency drain
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    Welcome back!! Let’s hear your plans :)
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    HELP! Bulkead and plumbing help

    Look through here: Lots of more specialty stuff there