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    Well havent been on in awhile due to many things like a death in the family,battling flat worms in my favorite tank the 57 rimless and bought a house. The well water in the house I moved to about a year ago just reeked havoc on all 3 of my tanks So just about threw in the towel. Unfortunately...
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    ID please (kinda scared)

    The last couple days I have noticed these things appearing all over the glass and sand bed. They are tiny soft to the touch and dont appear to move, have never seen this before. Should I be worried?
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    W/c ?

    Just curious, Do you guys and gals do your w/c from the sump or from the DT.
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    WOW I didndt realize...

    Well My Appendix burst on Wednesday, so had to have emergency surgery. Now its WC day ( 3 tanks ) and Im trying to instruct my GF on how to do it since I am still not to mobile and cant lift anything. I didnt realize how anal I am on WCs Thanks for the help Sylvie and for putting up with my...
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    Well water?

    Well moving to a new place ( 4 tanks UGGG! ) that is on well water with a water softener. I have a 4 stage ro/di unit Should everything be the same or should I expect a change or problems?
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    Red Sea MSK 600 (review)

    Posted this in the RSM forum but thought Id post it here to. Moderators please correct if needed
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    Red Sea MSK 600 Skimmer (review)

    Well I was approached by Kevin from Red Sea and asked if Id be interested in checking out the new MSK 600 skimmer for the RSM 130 and 130d (upgrade from the original ) and give my unbiased opinion, so I of course said sure. It was about 2 mo. later (due to technical issues on there end being a...
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    Cant seem to long on via tapatalk... Do I have to be logged off of my computer at home to log on? Says failed to log in check with forum administrator, any ideas?
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    Worm ID Please

    Changed out the Chemipure on my RSM 130 today and found 2 of these guys on the bag. Got rid of them just because... lol. Any Idea what they are? Did a bit of searching and didnt come up with much. Looks like a redish earth worm. When I touched it, it coiled up.
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    Video of my tanks.

    GF goin crazy with her new camera she got for xmas and did a little (7 min ) vid of the tanks. enjoy.
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    Seachem Salt

    Anyone use it for a mixed reef tank? Using Reef Crystals now, but thinking about switching salts due to inconsistencies from box to box . Haven't heard much of anyone using Seachem salt on here, just wondering if it would be the same deal since in the same price range as Reef Crystals. With 4...
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    What is this?

    Noticed these about a week ago and they have grown since then, but have not moved. Any ideas on what they are?
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    Clam moving

    So I got a cute little ( about 1.5" ) Tridacna Maxima 3 days ago and placed it midway in my tank and this morning noticed its moving which I know they do to find there happy place, my concern is its placed itself rather close to some Acans. Should I be worried?
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    Algae ID

    Can anyone ID this algae for me.
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    Maintenance ?

    So on my 57 rimless as most of you know I built a sump/refrugium (my 1st fuge). Im now seeing detrius on the sand bed in the fuge area, do you guys and gals remove this or let it be? I have about 5 snails and 2 red legged hermits in there,but they dont seem to be interested in the detrius.
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    over skimming

    Is it possible to over skim a new tank (2 mo old)? to were it would have a negative effect, like taking out to many nutrients. Or to have to big of a skimmer for a tank.
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    Daylight Savings time

    Just a reminder to all to reset clocks and timers on our tanks..
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    Zoas irritated (HELP)

    I have 2 zoa colonies and for the past 3 days they havent been opening as full as normal if at all. I noticed this morning both colonies have very thin things growing out of them with a tiny ball at the end of each one I think you can see them in the pics but took them with lights out so there...
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    Dosing mixture.

    Well I normally dose manually using premixed liquid ( Ca, Mg and alk ). I recently got a triple dosing pump and decided to get the granuls (seachem) And mix myself to save some cash. I will be using gallon jugs, my problem is I cant figure out how to mix a stock solution ( teaspoons or whatever...
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    Dosing Pump

    Well just got my triple head dosing pump and would like some ideas on were you all have them placed. So post up some pics of your set ups for me please..