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    has anyone else had trouble calibrating the digilab, i have been trying now for about an hour and a half. it keeps giving me different readings, i have followed the directions to the letter and i still get different readings from it. anyone can help i would appreciate it i would hate to think i...
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    powerheads and heat

    Why dont they put a heat rating on all pumps, that would greatly help when choosing one. I have a 24 gal aquapod with he normal heat problems but I also have 2 maxi 1200 power heads that I am considering changing the standard return pump out to one of these after reading threads on the stock...
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    cycling problem

    I started cycling a 24 gal nano a little over a week and a half ago. I started with 20 lbs of live sand, about 4 days ago I put 30 lbs of uncured (it had been in the store holding tank for about a week) in and expected to see the ammonia to start going crazy but so far it hasn't. It wet to...
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    hi everyone

    I am new here and hope to meet lots of new friends in the hobby. I have a 24 gal nano cycling right now and can't believe you can stare at a bunch of live rock doing nothing and still stare at it and stare at it.