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    cleaning the refiguim?

    Starting to get a light film on the surface of the water, looks like some black hair algae(maybe just very very dark green) on the sand bed and on the wall of the refiguim... Should i clean some of the hair algae and leave the rest? or is algae growth in the refiguim good no matter what kind...
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    Snowflake Clowns hosting Torch!

    :) This is the very moment that makes me soooo happy to have a saltwater tank. Last Night I introduced 2 bonded Platinum Clowns, shut the lights off . They didnt eat this morning with the rest of the fish but that was expected. Anyway I came home sick midday and to find my Snowflake Clowns...
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    Temp Swings

    Ugh. So just when I thought everything was good at 79 Degrees, last night I thought things were a little warm, turned on my digital thermometer and it was at 86 degrees. So I unplugged what I thought was a faulty heater for the entire night. Temp 8 hours later.....85.7 Degrees. Weather here in...
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    New FW Tank!!

    Hey guys!!! Ok, so for the past 6 or 8 months my 2 South American Chiclids and my 1 African Chiclid have been stuck in a 10gal, and my African Chiclid has grown so much in the past months. They have been due for a serious upgrade. Poor guys. The African is agressive and many people dont mix...
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    What could it be?

    So I moved a few rocks around in my tank and whoa! Discovered this. Not sure if its a coral or an invert or what. I touched it when moving the rock and it pulled itself in and closed up in less than a second. Has these long pointy legs/arms/tentacles. heres 2 pics did the best i could with them...
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    So yesterday my cleaner shrimp shed his exoskeleton....i removed it when i seen it. this morning.... I'm home now and my kenya is closed up and hunched over and my frogspawn is closing up as we speak.... somehow my ammonia went up....results are... Salinity 1.025 8.8ph .25 ppm ammonia 0...
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    from the fishes view

    I was just pondering on the thought of what its like to the fish when the look out the tank and they see a world so unlike the insides of an aquarium. And it got me to they have double sided aquarium glass? Thats reflective on the inside and transparent on the outside? My...
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    Snails in the refugium?

    So whats the rule here? I was told to put a few snails in my refugium to help eat all the stuff up that snails eat. So for the past 2 1/2 weeks I've had 4 snails in my refugium and 7 in my display. Do I leave them down there permanately? Do I alternate the snails? Today I looked in the refugium...
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    Chance of a lifetime

    Ok, so it may not be the chance of a lifetime but at least I think it is. 2 weeks ago my LFS got invited by their distributor in Ohio to come out and hand pick corals from their place. They left yesterday and spent all day picking out corals. I've been following them on facebook. So today they...
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    Trying to feed blue tang?

    So I just put Dory in 4 days ago. Day 1 she ate mices shrimp, day 2 I tried to get her on an alternating schedule by giving her Formula Two Pellets, which supposidly has alot of vegatation in them which is good for the blue tang, she wouldnt eat them. Tried again today, she wouldnt eat them so I...
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    Heat wave!

    So my temp was a little low....74, heater set on 78, so turn heater to 82 to raise temp....holy crap i get home today and its 86.5 in my poor fishes and corals, i just unplugged that faulty heater off and drop in 3 ice cubes to try to bring down the seem ok. my one coral...
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    what kind of coral is this?

    I just bought it 2 hours ago, acclimated him for 45 minutes and placed in tank....I seem to remember him not being so bunched or clenched in the store. Is bottom tank placement and moderate water flow ok for this fella? and whats his name?
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    my first coral being eaten?

    So 2 days ago I went and picked up a frag pack, will upload pics later...and a rock with some beautiful corals on it. Sorry idk any of the names of these corals, im just getting down the names of the different kind of fish lol. Anyway, my cleaner shrimp wont leave my one coral it...
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    Local Fish Farm Forclosure!

    So I tried to post this in front page new section but it wouldn't let me. Thought this would interest everyone. A local saltwater fish farm near me that supplies fish to stores and restaurants is in foreclosure. I drove by it about a week ago, its all taped off and they have an ENCON team...
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    RO/Di systems

    Ok, so I made it into the group buy. And I want an RO/Di setup. I checked with the water plant in my town, and they told me they don't use chloramines. Would it be a waste to still get a RO/Di system specifically for chloramines? Should I just get the standard one? Then there seems to be a...
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    question about the group buy

    Diana said in a post yesterday about the group buy, and i really wanna get the ro-di setup from BRS....where do I sign up on here for the group buy? Im already a registered user on brs's website. Thanks guys :))
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    buying live rock online

    So there are 5 LFS near me, 2 of which carry live rock. Ive asked them for certain kinds of live rock and was told "what you see is what we can get" :( So I was looking online at various types of rock, in particular Vanuatu which has a nice color appeal. Question is....should I be worried...
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    Just picked up a bunch of seashells from a buddy who had them in a it cool to just rinse them off in the sink and insert into SW tank? Do I need to treat the water with anything when I put these in? Just asking cause I dont wanna do anything to hurt my tank :)
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    Ron's 46 gal Bowfront

    Ok, so I was asked by a few people to start a new tank thread so here it goes. This is my first saltwater tank, I have a 46 gal bowfront with a 20 gallon sump below. 2 power heads to move water. LED reef light. My tank was customized by the guy I got it front, in it he put a (drain resivoir)...
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    water change

    Ok so my tank is 1 week 4 days old....and yes Im gonna post a new tank thread this week with lots of pics for u guys.... I brought a sample of my water in salinity is 1.020 ..... I wanna do a 10% water change....should I mix it up at around 1.028 to bring up the level or should I...