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    Live Rock goes first

    Check this out. I am getting out of salt. Been good but to busy with other interests. My livestock is gone for the most part. Have a few leather corals hanging in here. They can go with the rock. I am in Somers Wisconsin, between Racine and Kenosha. Local pickup only, this rock is live and in a...
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    I've had it with Bryposis

    I have been battling bryposis for several months now and am totally fed up. Nitrates are zero, 2 reactors with gfo, no measurable phosphates. I have upped my Mg to over 1800. Twice as a matter of fact, once with Epsom salt and Mag flake and latest last week with Tech-M. My system consists of...
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    Wild ride for a Nudibranch

    OK here's my setup, 2 display tanks (120+125), basement sump and 40 gal fuge. Both tanks drain to my 90 gallon sump with one return pump pushing the water back up. The fuge is fed off the return pump also. So that is the background. Fast forward 1 1/2 years from setup and I have one display...
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    Calcium Reactor Effluent

    Hey all, just set up a Ca reactor and have some questions. I tested the effluent and come up with Alk at 37.8 dKh/13.52 meq/l (sailifert) and Ca somewhere around 680ppm (API). Are these numbers what I should expect? I have the CO2 ste at a bubble/sec and Ph is 6.6-6.7 right now. Effluent is...
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    New MH acclimation ??

    Hi all. Just got new electronic 250 watt ballasts and reeflux 12k bulbs. I am replacing SPS 14k that are about 10-11 months old. I have installed the bulbs and ballasts, put egg crate over the tank with 2 layers of fiberglass screen. Is this Ok? Right now the tank seems just a tad darker then it...
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    Fat Lawnmower Blenny

    My LMB is so fat it looks like it swallowed a marble! When it rests on a rock its fins won't touch the rock, he just teeters back and forth. Is this normal or do I need to but him on a diet? I have noticed though my red scooter is getting thin! I didn't think the LMB would go after pods but it...
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    Freshwater dip??

    I have noticed an increasing number of redish brown flatworms on my Toadstool leather and a couple LPS namely Frogspawn, Torch and now Pagoda Cup. Is a freshwater dip in order? I would warm it to tank temp and try to match PH with pickling lime. I thought just a couple minutes of dip for the...
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    Calcium reactor

    Help me spend my hard earned cash. Right now I have a 325 gallon system that I top off with saturated kalk water and have been dosing 150ml of Randy's two part type 1 daily. I am considering going to a reactor to help simplify things. I have a CO2 system from my freshwater days so I would need a...
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    Where did the little clown go?

    I am refering to the little clown that was just added next to the http address. Now I have a red circle with a white C in it.
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    Lettuce Nudibranch vs Yellow Wrasse

    Considering getting a couple of lettuce Nudibranch and I need to know if I will just be providing an expensive treat for my Yellow Corris Wrasse. Any one know if these will survive together? I have Byropsis running wild and want to eliminate it.
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    ASM Skimmer question

    Hey all thanks for looking here first off. I have had an ASM-G4X skimmer for a year now and am generally very happy with it but as always I wonder if I can make it better. I have not modded it at all and am considering a mesh mod but my true question here is the depth of water they run best at...
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    Sea Star riding a foxface!

    I have a One-spot Foxface, new in my tank a couple weeks so I am watching him like a hawk for strange behaviors etc. Today I notice what I say as a shadow on his fin and thought oh crap Lymphocitis. Watch a bit more and see it is one of those itty bitty sea stars! It was on the fish a good ten...
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    Phosban and Alk

    I notice that when I replace my phosphate media my Alk drops off significantly. I dose to correct this. My question here is does the absorption of Alk make the phosphate media less capable of absorbing phosphate? And if I was running low Alk would the change be less significant.
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    Thinking about cooking my Rock

    Hey all, I am very frustrated with an outburst of what seems to be dycoyta (sp?) algae. It is taking over my 120 DT. I recall references to cooking rock and think this might be my only hope. What I have thought of doing is pulling and cooking one half the rock and when that is done pull the rest...
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    Run away macro algae

    I found a pic on Melevs site that looks similar to what is trying to take over my 120 display. Any way to stop this? Here is a link. - Dictyota
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    Daily dosing for Kh

    Just a question here. I find my reef is using 3-4 teaspoons a day of baked baking soda. Could this be normal for a 325 gallon system with 350 pounds of LR and maybe 12 small SPS colonies? I do run a pair of phosban reactors and notice a Kh drop whenever I replace media. I am trying to maintain...
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    New water change method?

    I have been thinking. I know, bad idea. Actually I did this last week and was wondering if I should keep doing this. Instead of shutting down my return pump, removing 30+ gallons of water, then pumping in 30+ gallons of mixed salt water; I pumped in 30+ gallons of mixed salt water let the...
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    Phosphates in home made mush

    Has anyone else tested their home made mush you feed your fish? I have been making my own food last couple of months and noticed an increase in algea. Just measured phosphates in my mush and it is off the chart! My DT measure is zero. I thought using fresh and frozen seafood for my mix would be...
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    Any Reefers in the Racine Kenosha WI area?

    Looking to find out if there is anyone on here from the Racine, Kenosha WI area. I am planning a trip in the future and looking for a fellow reefer to maybe swap reef sitting with. I don't leave town often and would like to not have to worry to much about my tanks!
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    Glueing/epoxy frag

    How long can I keep an SPS (Acro) out of the water to hold epoxy in place? Also am I better off rubbing some krazy glue over spot I wish to epoxy to? The fra/mini colony has encrusted on a small piece of rubble.