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  1. wyldbull

    Worried Orange Spotted Goby Hides all day??

    Was searching for some info and if I should be worried or not. Last week I added a Orange Spotted Goby to my tank. I have a 60 gallon tank with plenty of live rock and only have 2 true percs and a small Blonde Naso. The Goby went to town the first 4 or 5 days that I had him. He turned over...
  2. wyldbull

    Falco Hawkfish eat banded coral shrimp?

    Does anyone know if any shrimp will survive with a Falco hawkfish?
  3. wyldbull

    Falco Hawk fish questino

    Good afternoon. I was wondering if anyone knew if a Falco Hawkfish would be bad for hermit crabs or snails. Also if he will eat mushroom corals or star polyps. Thanks
  4. wyldbull

    New member just using meet and greet

    Hello... Just found this forum while searching for a information on Marine tanks. I just started running a 60 gallon reef tank about 4 months ago. I use two Rema filstar XP3 filters. One just is for filtering. The second XP3 i use to go through my UV sterilizer when i turn it on from...