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  1. pgrtgunner

    Brown Mushrooms

    Hello all I've had my tank set up for over 3 years now. I keep seeing these dark brown with light green bumps popping up all around my Trumpet coral with 31 heads. They are slowly pushing the heads down. I know yawl are going to want pictures. The problem being, I don't own an under water...
  2. pgrtgunner

    My hammer coral

  3. pgrtgunner

    Baby snails maybe???

    I have all kinds of these little white round dots with antenna. They are about half the size of BB for a BB gun, or the size of a pellet for a 14 gauge shotgun. They are on my black back part of the tank and on the glass all over. I can knock them off very easily and they sink. I called my lfs...
  4. pgrtgunner

    Happy New Years!!

    Happy New Year!!! To all of you folks on this site and the sponsors!!! May all of our tanks be healthy :):)
  5. pgrtgunner

    Damned if I do

    Last month I was fighting brown hair algae. Now I have to grow algae again. My Conch snail has no algae to eat, my dwarf Coral Beauty has no algae to eat, my lawn mower has no algae to eat, and my Scopas Tang has no algae to eat. I'm such a bad dad, I'm starving my kids. :maddown: I...
  6. pgrtgunner

    New Mexico

    Hello!! I'm looking for SW folks in the Albuquerque, NM area. Mark
  7. pgrtgunner

    Another Tank

    I'm buying a 14gl Oceanic Bio Cube with a 70 watt metal halide w/stand Saturday. This is my first cube. Back in the day, you shouldn't start a sw tank with less than a 75 gal. tank. Now, give me a thimble and I will give you a sw aquarium back LOL!!! Anyway, how about any ideas on...
  8. pgrtgunner


    Has anyone had Bartlett Anthius spawn?? Both male and females are fanning the eggs. Now what? The internet only says; It's almost impossible for the fry to survive.
  9. pgrtgunner

    Anemone Problem

    My tank has been set up with corals and fish. I bought 2 Bubble Tip Anemones/Peach tip and Rose tip. Both died within 5 days of being in my tank. I bought them from two different stores and they both said that my tank was too young to add anemones. Years ago I put Carpet and Sebae in a...
  10. pgrtgunner


    Howdy Okay, I have downloaded Tapatalk for the third time, and I still cannot figure out how to find Reef Sanctuary to post some pics. I'm about ready to just say f it and give up trying. I was helped how to download pics once in Tapatalk, but I can't find RS once in Tapatalk. I am the...
  11. pgrtgunner


    I posted a thread on General Discussions and I received one reply. Now I can't find it to see if there are more replies. Posted on 09/07 title Purple algae problem. How do I find it???????
  12. pgrtgunner

    Purple long hair algae!!!!!

    I've been away for a few weeks. I finally found my daughter after 22 years apart. Last time I saw her she was on Meth and not a woman I thought she would turn out to be. Anyway, she's been clean 10 years and has 4 beautiful kids, two are twins. Okay, enough info. When I first set up my tank...
  13. pgrtgunner

    Fish food

    Hi folks If you have a few or many omnivores in your tank (s), I have a great way to feed them nutrients they love that are in your kitchen. I have used this make it yourself SW fish food for years. You can get the ingredients from your local grocery store. But, you have to know how to...
  14. pgrtgunner

    New thread old dicussion

    I have seen some threads on the UV. I'm taking a poll of; [B]YES NO I down loaded a picture for my profile and it doesn't show on my thread....Any help?? Thanks....Mark
  15. pgrtgunner


    Well now, I was informed by the guy that put in my RO and Soft water unit told me that her connected the soft water unit to the RO. So, now I have soft water in all taps. That was stupid to connect both, so why have the separate faucet for the RO if it's the same water in a 3 gallon tank? His...
  16. pgrtgunner


    I just discovered that my RO and soft water feed in together. Bottom line is; I have double trouble. Without costing me $200.00 plus, what should I do?? I am not a water drinker per se, so I don't need the RO water for drinking. So, for now I have to shut the soft water off, drain the...
  17. pgrtgunner

    5,280 ft

    I live in Albuquerque, NM and it's a mile high. Denver is most notable for being a mile high. Anyway, I'm having a hard time putting my corals at the right level of my reef. I can tell pretty much that they are not happy where I have put them most of the time. I also know they don't like...
  18. pgrtgunner

    Fast salt and water mixing

    I learned a trick many moon ago. When my tank is ready for a water change and I need it now type of thing. I bought a paint mixer from Home Depot. They have them for one gallon or five gallon buckets. They can be used with your drill motor. You can mix the water and salt very quickly.
  19. pgrtgunner

    Tap water

    How damaging to corals is tap water? I have an RO, but it has only a five gallon tank and it takes 45 min. to re-fill. I had the RO serviced yesterday. I asked the tech. about the chems. added to the tap water and he knew nothing, like Sgt. Shultz. My main concerns are the Arsenic and...
  20. pgrtgunner

    New Guy

    Hello fellow Aquarists My last tank in the 90's was a salt water 240g predator tank. I now have an 80g Nuvo reef tank. I am somewhat starting over with my salt adventure. I like the no bio balls and extra tanks needed to run my skimmer and still have room to put a UV in, which I did...