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    Live Rock goes first

    shipping this rock would be like you starting all over. The beauty of local pickup is the almost non existent cycle. Besides there is the cost of shipping!
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    Live Rock goes first

    Somebody has to step forward and take this off my hands. I really do not want to line my driveway with it!
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    Live Rock goes first

    weekend bump
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    Live Rock goes first

    Check this out. I am getting out of salt. Been good but to busy with other interests. My livestock is gone for the most part. Have a few leather corals hanging in here. They can go with the rock. I am in Somers Wisconsin, between Racine and Kenosha. Local pickup only, this rock is live and in a...
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    Silly question about salt

    Add salt just a little at a time. I mix 30 gallons at a time amd only add like 2 cups per hour. Sometimes if I rush it I do get some settled out particles. I think if you dump it all in it gets concentrated locally and will form some precipitate.
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    Sump Platform for Skimmer

    I have 6-7 1 inch pvc pipes about 5 inches long standing on end with egg crate laying on top of that. Not tied or bolted just stacked. The egg crate does fit from side to side though.
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    biocube destruction...

    You put critters from your tank "back in the bay"? Not a good thing to do. Even if they came from there. Being in our systems with things from around the world you would be releasing unknown things to a new area. On another note: sorry to hear about your clam and tank crack. That sucks.
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    125g Tank crash!

    My first question is what are you measuring the SG with? Hopefully a refractomter that is correctly calibrated. The corals have been stressed a bit already. I would not move them right now just let things stable out. Slow down on all changes.
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    I'm confused...Kalk dosing through ATO

    My ATO is through a peristalic (sp) pump, meaning just a few drips at a time. With a small addition it is possible to add kalk right with top off water. I fill up my 40 gal. resevoir about once a week and dump and mix a jar of pickling lime in at each fill up then let it sit and restart the top...
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    Holy evaporation!!!

    sounds like you need an automatic top off! Evaporation is a great way to add kalkwasser.
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    ASM Skimmer ISSUE!!!

    I put a little silicone grease on the neck and a few dabs on the lid. Did this once like three months ago and it has been smooth sailing.
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    Attack of the Killer Hair Algae!!!

    How old is his light and is the tank getting sunlight?
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    I've had it with Bryposis

    One question I do have though. As tough as this bryposis is, why is there room for anything else in the ocean? Very few things eat it and it doesn't need much nutrient to survive. And yet way more people have hair algae that is weak and fragile in comparison.
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    I've had it with Bryposis

    I think this has become a great discussion! Learning is one of the benefits of this hobby. Right now I am trying two different things at once. I have turned off my MH and will watch for a couple days to see if what is left in the tank starts to die. And I have about a third of my rock starting...
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    I've had it with Bryposis

    Tangs and foxfaces do not seem to like this algae. Right now I have placed about a third in a tub in the basement. We will see what happens. I might turn the MH off for a few days to see if that does anything. I am about ready to do anything including dancing naked in the moonlight to get this...
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    tank stand plans

    Nice stand Triggerjay. The slide out is a nice touch.
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    I've had it with Bryposis

    Yep I have a wrasse. Gone through like 10 slugs already! They don't like the flow in most of my tank. They do eat some but not in the high flow areas.
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    Time to buy a Calcium Reactor

    When I was searching I was told to stay away from that unit. I went with the AquaC RX-1 and am so far pleased.
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    tank stand plans

    If you are not going to put a skin on the stand you will need to put some bracing in to stop this sway. Simply a block in a couple perpindicular corners will keep the thing stable.
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    I've had it with Bryposis

    I haven't really considered nitrates as being a problem in my tanks. Until this bryposis I have had very little algae in my tanks. Way back when setting up I started the 125 which was a move from a 120 one year old. Then I slowly added the 120 I have now and started searching for deals on LR. I...