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  1. NickF

    NickFs Reefer 350

    Hi all, thought I’d start a new thread for my new build. Athough I haven’t ordered the tank yet I’ve already ordered some equipment and today I went to Abyss Aquatics to check out their Aquaroche as I’d decided against going with live rock again. I was never happy with my scape in the C130, I...
  2. NickF

    Small Clams

    I took a trip out to a lfs that I'd never been to before earlier today and they had some beautiful clams there that were tiny, probably about 2 inches. The clams at my usual lfs are huge by comparison. I'd never really thought about keeping a clam before as I always thought they'd be too big...
  3. NickF

    Pygmy Seahorses

    Too cute, love the courtship dance at 1.21
  4. NickF

    Macro timelapse video

    Very cool :cool:
  5. NickF

    String algea?

    Hi Does anyone know what this is growing out of my LR? Thanks
  6. NickF

    JBL Proscan I saw these in my LFS earlier & I think they sound like a great idea, I hate trying to match the colours on test kits. Unfortunately it says this is only for freshwater, let's hope they do one for marine soon as I'd certainly give it a try.
  7. NickF

    Plants on my live rock

    Hi, Can anyone help id what they are? Sorry about the pic quality: Thanks
  8. NickF

    NickF's RSM C130

    Hi Everyone, well my C130 has arrived, I've got the cabinet built & set everything up (hopefully) with no major problems. I had a bit of a headscratcher when I thought the top of the cabinet was missing as it wasn't in the box, then I realised it was underneath the tank, doh. I've got...
  9. NickF

    Hello !!

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking on the site for several months now admiring everyones great tanks and trying to learn as much as possible, and now I think it's time to take the plunge. I'm going to get a RSM C130 and this is the shopping list I have so far: RSM C130 RSM Starter Kit (are...