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  1. Bearjohnson

    Pop eye help!

    Thanks all! It looks worse today but it seems as if it is stopping or slowing. I'll keep stuffing him with Mark's famous seafood medley fortified with all kinds of healthy stinky stuff.
  2. Bearjohnson

    Pop eye help!

    It looks as though my unicorn tang has developed pop-eye. Does anyone know how to treat it?
  3. Bearjohnson

    Zooxanthellae In A Bottle?

    Interesting...Keep us updated if you do take the plunge.
  4. Bearjohnson

    Flame Hawk Attack

    That stinks...Hawks are awesome! Glad you caught him though...
  5. Bearjohnson

    Wierd Stuff Swimming At Night

    It looks like a LOT of activity for them to be pods to me. After a second look it looks like they have eyes? Looks more like some kind of fry as stated above. Get some rotifers to feed them and catch a few and grow them up and see what they are:)
  6. Bearjohnson

    Dosing Question

    I dose alk daily to the tune of 45ml a day. I'm using the BRS mix for alk, mag, and calcium. Does anyone think that dumping 45ml into the 125g tank all at once could pose any problems?
  7. Bearjohnson


    +1^ Check your parameters:)
  8. Bearjohnson

    Auto top off Help.

    Like goma (Greg) mentioned, an Aqua Lifter pump IMO is the way to go. In fact it's what I use. I even have that go to a RODI float valve that I added to my sump as a fail safe. This way you can us a 1/4" tubing that enters above the water line in the Brute that goes to the bottom and never...
  9. Bearjohnson

    what were we thinking

    Oh boy...LOL Looks great so far, keep up the good work!
  10. Bearjohnson

    Auto top off Help.

    I'm sure you thought of this but just be careful on the design. Twenty gallons doesn't seem like much until you you have to clean it up off of the floor.
  11. Bearjohnson

    Melanurus Wrasse Acting Strange

    That stinks...Sorry
  12. Bearjohnson

    Advice Needed Please!!!

    Just add the dye and you're all set for Easter!
  13. Bearjohnson

    Melanurus Wrasse Acting Strange

    See if you can get a piece of food in him. Garlic may help entice him to eat.
  14. Bearjohnson

    Advice Needed Please!!!

    Man I LOVE it when I'm right! LOL
  15. Bearjohnson

    Advice Needed Please!!!

    If I had to take a stab at it I would vote against eggs of some sort but that's just a guess. My first guess would be green algae of some sort. It seems highly unlikely that eggs of any nature would hang around long enough in the tank to be seen for such a long time. Again these are just...
  16. Bearjohnson

    Got My Tank! Need a little help.

    You're on your way! LOL
  17. Bearjohnson

    Got My Tank! Need a little help.

    You should start testing your water parameters to see where your tank is at. I suspect that water changes will be your best friend for a while. A simple wet cloth will clean up the salt creep. If you run into real tough creep, put some vinegar on the cloth and wipe away.
  18. Bearjohnson

    Frag Tank! 40G Breeder Build

    I don't think so but, he's cool with that cuz I told him to move around REAL slow to conserve energy until something builds up on the glass for him to eat.
  19. Bearjohnson

    Time to raise alkalinity?

    Manual dosing at first seems like a great idea but it will get old real fast. I'd consider a 3 head dosing pump and I also think if you start dosing alk, mag, & calcium, your need for Kalkwasser will more than likely be a waste of money.