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  1. whippetguy

    Whippetguy's RSR 450

    As some of you already know by following my RSM 250 chronicle (, I recently purchased a Red Sea Reefer 450. I had modified my RSM 250 so much and made a few rookie mistakes with it being my first tank that I was...
  2. whippetguy

    MACNA 3 day pass with reception and dinner

    Hi all, I'm not attending MACNA this year and have 1 ticket to the whole event which includes 3 day pass to the vendor site/lectures, the Friday night reception, and the Saturday night banquet for $100. PM if interested.
  3. whippetguy

    RSM E series (LED)

    Looks like they really have been working to get an LED RSM tank on the market, looks like 2015 for a release, though.
  4. whippetguy

    Coral ID

    I got this as part of my coral order, called an encrusting Hogwarts. Any better ideas of the exact type. I was thinking something in the chalice, mycedium family.
  5. whippetguy

    Whippetguy's Cadlights 50g Rimless

    Time for a new chronicle! :) As you may have noted in my 16g nano thread, I decided to upgrade that little tank to this one. I received the tank shipment today from Cadlights. It was well packed, wrapped and shipped via freight by FedEx. Everything appears to have arrived okay. It didn't...
  6. whippetguy

    Coral acclimation

    I've often wondered if this was not the better way to acclimate because I've done it a few times when I was in a hurry and had no untoward effects. I'm sure others will have an opposing opinion, but that's what forums are for, right...
  7. whippetguy


    I was emailed this via Groupon so thought I'd pass it along for those of you who use Groupon. This looks like a good deal and the camera has decent reviews on Amazon. The price is right for sure.
  8. whippetguy

    Weird coral spread

    I received an SPS coral last winter at one of our local club meetings. It was advertised as a cat's paw but honestly, our meeting frags aren't always correctly identified. The interesting thing is that I'm starting to have small areas of what appear to be this coral popping up in a handful of...
  9. whippetguy

    Hotel Nemo
  10. whippetguy

    Macna 2013

    I thought I'd add a thread to give updates and a place where all those attending MACNA can share photos and their experiences while here. First off, the hosting resort, Westin Diplomat, is amazing. I can't imagine a better location to host an aquarium event. Here are a couple of views from...
  11. whippetguy

    Red Sea may have competition

    Just read this article about the IM new AIO large shallow tanks. It will be interesting to see what lights these will come with. Maybe this competition will get Red Sea to offer a LED option for the S series tanks. I would love to see it happen...
  12. whippetguy

    MACNA 2013!! Are you going?

    Are you attending MACNA this year in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the end of the month? If so, let us know.
  13. whippetguy

    TB Aquatics is great!

    Since I posted a bad experience, I thought I should give out some props as well. Especially since it was exactly opposite from my bad review. In August 2012, I ordered a few things from TB Aquatics, which I had in the past as well. One of the items I ordered was not in stock. I was not...
  14. whippetguy

    Bad experience with Affordable Aquatics

    I've debated on posting this, but decided that if it kept someone from having a similar experience or maybe the vendor will not let this happen again, I will post my story. I placed an order with Affordable Aquatics at the end of December, the 23rd to be exact, for a product that was listed...
  15. whippetguy

    Avatar photo

    I've decided to make my avatar match my title and will update it as it changes.
  16. whippetguy

    RSM 250 set up in central Arkansas

    First off, it's not mine. There is a lady in central Arkansas who is selling her RSM 250 tank and everything in it for $900. She is selling due to poor health and can't keep up with it. I haven't seen this one yet, but her other larger tanks have been show stoppers in the past. PM and I will...
  17. whippetguy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I'd like to wish a happy thanksgiving to all those US members of RS. I'm thankful I found Reef Sanctuary to help me with my marine aquarium journey.
  18. whippetguy

    GHL Powebar 6D

    I got two of these when I set up my system and have never used the 2nd one so I'm selling it for $225 retails for $299 on AquaCave. PM if interested.
  19. whippetguy

    Innovative shark

    Thought my fellow reefers would like this story. Incredible footage shows whale shark stealing fish from a net
  20. whippetguy

    Whippetguy's 16g Nano Tank

    Now that I think I have an idea of how to do things in SW world but always learning, I'm venturing in to the land of nano's. I've always wanted a shrimp/goby pair but wanted it in a small enough tank I could find and watch them do their thing. I purchased 16g Innovative Nuvo Marine aquarium...