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  1. Bearjohnson

    Pop eye help!

    It looks as though my unicorn tang has developed pop-eye. Does anyone know how to treat it?
  2. Bearjohnson

    Dosing Question

    I dose alk daily to the tune of 45ml a day. I'm using the BRS mix for alk, mag, and calcium. Does anyone think that dumping 45ml into the 125g tank all at once could pose any problems?
  3. Bearjohnson

    ID Please

    Does anyone know what this little guy is? Smack in the middle of the picture at the base of the acro. It looks kinda like a star with short nubs and I believe it has a hard shell. Good, Bad, Keep or Ditch?
  4. Bearjohnson

    Coral Color Additives What Do You Use?

    I was talking to friend and he mentioned that there are several coral color enhancing additives on the market that will really make your colors POP! I was wondering what some people think and use (if any) and what the results are before and after.
  5. Bearjohnson

    Potassium Discussion

    I've been reading a lot lately on the importance of Potassium in the reef tank so I figured I'd grab a Salifert test kit (easiest to test potassium with) and a bottle of Brightwell Aquatics Potassium with my next fix of a shipment. OK shipment came today:) and here is what I've found out so...
  6. Bearjohnson

    Current Nova Extreme 48" 8 bulb T5 W/Moon Lights

    I have no use for this fixture and it's time to offer it up to someone who can put it to good use. The fans are whisper quiet, everything works as it should and the fixture is in great condition. Two of the bulbs are no good and will need replacing. I'm offering it to RS members for a few...
  7. Bearjohnson

    Bumble Bee Snails Anyone?

    I read that bumble bee snails will eat vermetid snails. Does anyone know anything more about this or have them in their tank?
  8. Bearjohnson

    New Used Deltec Calcium Reactor

    Over the weekend I grabbed this Deltec Calcium Reactor from a friend. I'd like to get some input and ideas of setting this thing up. I've never used one and I'm not even sure what goes where. Currently I have everything bit the CO2 bottle and the media is on its way from BRS. Any help would...
  9. Bearjohnson

    Frag Tank! 40G Breeder Build

    Well the time has come to begin a new DIY project. I discussed possibly building this in a previous thread and last night I did a little brainstorming and here is what I think the layout will look like. I find it easier to draw what I'm planning before I begin the actual work because too many...
  10. Bearjohnson

    New Frag Tank!

    I'm in a DIY mood! I'm thinking of building a frag grow-out tank out of Plexi. My thoughts are one of these sizes but I'm unsure as to which one so I'm open to suggestions please: 72"L x 12"H x 16"W = 59 gallons 72"L x 12"H x 18"W = 67 gallons 72"L x 14"H x 16"W = 69 gallons 72"L x 14"H x...
  11. Bearjohnson

    Apex Email & Text Notification

    I finally re-set-up my Apex controller this weekend. Being that I have no internet wall socket to plug the Apex into, I purchased a Lynksys Access Point router in order to be able to connect to the Apex. The problem I'm having is I can't seem to complete the test email and text alert. I...
  12. Bearjohnson

    Red Sea DKH vs an Ultra Low Nutrient system

    Perhaps someone can shed a little light on this subject. I've been doing a little reading on Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULNS) and I also have looked into the Red Sea program. All of the information I have read states that when running an ULNS with bio-pellets or any other introduced carbon...
  13. Bearjohnson

    Sump Recommendations Please

    I need to purchase a sump and I'm looking for recommendations on who to buy one through. Thanks!
  14. Bearjohnson

    Aqua Illumination SOL Blues

    I'm considering selling 2 or more of my AI SOL Blues. The only reason I'm considering the sale is because I have 2 Apollo LED fixtures and an Apex controller sitting in a box that I'm considering putting on the 125. There is nothing wrong with any of them and I'd like to get $325.00 each...
  15. Bearjohnson

    Bio Pellet Reactor Help

    I'm considering the idea of adding a bio-pellet reactor to the 125. My sump space is maxed to the max and I think my only option would be The only glitch is where it would have to go in my sump leading to the...
  16. Bearjohnson

    Chemi-Clean Question...

    Anyone ever use Chemi-Clean and if so what were the short and long term results?
  17. Bearjohnson

    Webs in my TANK! HELP!

    Can someone please tell me what they think is causing these webs?
  18. Bearjohnson

    SPS Issues

    Lately I've been having some of my SPS corals growing super fantastic only to have them begin to turn white from the base and slowly die from the bottom up. Basically I have 2 small colonies that started out as 1" frags which I popped off of the plug and glued to a rock. They encrusted...
  19. Bearjohnson

    USER BEWARE! please read:)

    I put this on my tank thread but I figured it would get more views if I gave it a snappy title:) For those of you using these American DJ switch on their tanks be carful and keep an eye on them! I just removed this from my tank because a second switch melted on me. If you look closely at the...
  20. Bearjohnson

    Dosing Trace and Amino

    Currently I dose roughly 70 milliliters of Seachem Reef Plus 3 times a week in my DT. I have a Bubble Magus Dosing pump on order and I expect it to arrive this week. The question is: Do you think it would be better to dose something like 10 mils a day every day or, stick with the same 3...