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  1. Highlyagaming

    Douglas's Reefer 525XL Mixed Reef

    Good afternoon folks, as promissed in my old tanks thread once I got the new tank I would shut it down and start a new one to follow and document my journey with Red Sea's Reefer 525XL. If you have followed my old build (RSM 400) you by now know that I got my new reefer 525XL in august last...
  2. Highlyagaming

    Looking for macro algae UK/Spain

    Hey folks, so I am looking for a few types of macro algae to use in my tank and refuge and all posts I find here are fairly old. Any one who lives in the Uk or Spain willing to sell me & ship me some i will ofc pay for shipping to as long as its not insanely high looking for some red grape...
  3. Highlyagaming

    Highly's Red Sea Max 400 Mixed Reef

    Alright so I found an offer I could not refuse and decided to buy an RSM 400. Now the owner had this a few years and replaced the t5 lighting with some Chinese leds but I guess they will do for now until I can afford two RS Reef 90's. So I got the tank and guess what wife did not like its size...
  4. Highlyagaming

    Highly's RSM 400 Mixed Reef Build

    Hello everyone, so on Monday I managed to grab one awesome bargain and got myself an RSM 400 for £500 Not new to marine tanks but as you all know there is always something to learn and always some one who has gone through problems before you so its always good to ask in places as helpful as...